This is the rolling coronavirus story for Friday 19 February 2021

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El Ejido boundary to reopen soon - according to this article and this image that I received from someone who works with the local council - the picture says from midnight tonight, the article says from noon tomorrow I believe - not sure but I think the info in the picture is the correct information


Google translation:

Thirteen towns will be able to open their bars and shops starting this Friday

The closure of non-essential activities is maintained in eight locations

A last-minute change has brought the Board's new measures against the coronavirus into effect at midnight this Friday. A measure that will be specified once the Official Gazette of the Junta de Andalucía (BOJA) has been published.

Specifically, in thirteen locations this Friday, February 19, bars, restaurants and non-essential shops can open their doors: they are Alhama de Almería, Bacares, Balanegra, Benahadux, Carboneras, Fiñana, Garrucha, Huércal de Almería, Los Gallardos, Mojácar, Olula del Río, Turre and Viator.

For their part, Senés, Lúcar, Armuña de Almanzora, Bayárcal, Urrácal, Antas, Tíjola, and Vera will remain closed with bars, restaurants and non-essential shops such as clothing stores and shoe stores one more week after the meeting, this noon, of the High Impact Public Health Alert Committee.

According to the data updated mid-morning on Thursday by the Andalusian Institute of Statistics and Cartography, these 8 municipalities maintain a cumulative incidence of more than 1,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days and should, therefore, continue with the closure of the so-called non-essential activity and, in addition, with the perimeter closure.

Border closure'

Likewise, with the IECA data, already updated, a total of 21 towns, including the capital of the province, are on the list of Almeria municipalities with perimeter closure, that is, it is not possible to enter or leave its municipal limits except for cause justified (for example, going to the workplace).

In all of them, the cumulative incidence in the last 14 days is between 500 and 1,000 cases. Almería capital is above 600, according to official data.

Those municipalities with a rate of between 500 and 1,000 are Balanegra, Los Gallardos, Garrucha, Viator, Turre, Turrillas, Bacares, Purchena, Huércal de Almería, Adra, Almería capital, Partaloa, Carboneras, Abrucena, Alhama de Almería, Olula del Río, Vélez Rubio, Cuevas, Mojácar, Laujar de Andarax and Bédar.

If this trend continues, the capital could have 'its borders open' next week, starting on February 27, two days after the Alert Committee meeting.

El Ejido and Pulpí are in the lowest phase of incidence and, with a decrease in cases, since Saturday noon they are out of the perimeter closure of their terms.

The opposite happened yesterday with La Mojonera, Tabernas, Alicún and Íllar, close to reaching a rate of 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. None of the four has exceeded the 500 rate and will continue without a perimeter closure.

In any case, with the data already updated, there would be, from this Friday, February 19, 8 municipalities with closure of non-essential activity; 21 with perimeter closure and 74 without more restrictions than those common to all of Andalusia, that is, closure of non-essential shops and hospitality establishments at six in the afternoon, limitation to four people at the tables of those premises and a curfew at ten o'clock at night.

Thus, the list of unrestricted towns would increase by 20 compared to the one published in the BOJA last week.

The High Impact Public Health Alert Committee in Almería is chaired by the territorial delegate of Health and Families of the Board, Juan de la Cruz Belmonte.

CORRECTED: Stats for the last 24 hours -  227 more cases and 3 more deaths

Google translation:

Almería once again exceeds 200 cases and adds another three deaths from covid

In the last hours, 20 people from Almeria have been hospitalized, four of them in ICU

The epidemiological curve in Almería breaks with the downward trend of recent days and today again exceeds 200 positives for coronavirus detected in 24 hours. As stated in the part of the Ministry of Health and Families, from 07:00 hours on Thursday until the same time today, 227 new infections have been notified in the province, which already raises to 43,441 the positives detected through the PDIA (antigen test and PCR).

In the same way, Almería continues to add deaths to the death counter after being infected with covid and there have been three positives who have died in the last 24 hours, 604 since the beginning of the pandemic, a figure that shot up after the passage of the third wave of the covid, during January and February, which left the worst data recorded in the province so far.

As for those hospitalized, as the Andalusian Government delegate has advanced this morning, Almería continues to lower the burden on hospitals, but this continues to be "the highest since March", assured Maribel Sánchez Torregrosa. Thus, despite having been lowered compared to the day before, in the last 24 hours 20 people from Almeria have been hospitalized, four of them in ICU.

Thus, in the province and in the other seven in Andalusia, the pressure in the hospital centers is as follows: in Almería (267 hospitalizations, of which 73 in ICU), Cádiz (465 hospitalizations, of which 99 in ICU) , Córdoba (234 hospitalizations, of which 61 in ICU), Granada (414 hospitalizations, of which 103 in ICU), Huelva (131 hospitalizations, of which 26 in ICU), Jaén (200 hospitalizations, of which 45 in ICU), Malaga (588 hospitalizations, of which 101 in ICU) and Seville (447 hospitalizations, of which 118 in ICU).

Finally, the number of patients recovered in the province during the last 24 hours has been 108, which already leaves 28,887 people from Almeria who can celebrate having overcome the covid-19 disease and having received the epidemiological discharge. Thus, at the moment there are 13,950 active cases if only the PDIA tests are taken into account, more than 14,000 if the so-called rapid tests are also counted.


Cumulative week day stats from the Almería 360 site - El Ejido now has 462.0 cases (approximately 12 fewer than yesterday) per 100,000 inhabitants based on the 14 day average (red for increase; blue for decrease)