This is the rolling coronavirus story for Saturday 20 February 2021


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Stats for the last 24 hours -  166 more cases and  4 more deaths

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Four dead in another day of drop in hospitalizations and less than 200 cases

Today there are 244 hospitalized and there are 71 in Intensive Care

The more than 200 positives on Friday were a small bump on the downward path that the epidemiological curve has been on track in the province over the last few weeks, when it has gone from adding more than 1,000 positives in a single day to today , Saturday, with only 166 new infections detected in the last 24 hours.

The evidence that Almería is closer and closer to completely defeating the third wave of the virus does not come only through the infected, who are already more than 43,000 throughout the Almeria geography since March, but also It becomes visible in the hospitals of the province, Torrecárdenas, Poniente and La Inmaculada, where hospitalizations of covid patients have fallen from more than 400 that there were only one week to the current 244, of which 71 are in Intensive Care given its severity. With respect to the day before, 23 patients have left the hospital and two have left the ICU.

But the deaths put the worst face of this pandemic back on the table and from 07:00 hours on Friday until the same time this Saturday, the death of four other people from Almeria has been registered, who had previously tested positive PCR. Thus, there are already 608 covid patients in the province who have lost their lives since March.

Despite the deaths, the good news continues in the epidemiological part that is provided daily by the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía, since today recovered patients with high epidemiology are practically the same as those who are newly infected, since They have been 159 compared to the 166 positives detected in 24 hours. A good figure that, on the other hand, does not prevent that, although slightly, the active cases in the province increase again.

Regarding the autonomous community, today Andalusia has added 1,634 new positives and 46 deaths, the vast majority of them in Seville, with 17. As for the burden of hospitals, the still photo leaves the following data this Saturday: Cádiz ( 432 hospitalizations, of which 100 in ICU), Córdoba (223 hospitalizations, of which 61 in ICU), Granada (384 hospitalizations, of which 104 in ICU), Huelva (124 hospitalizations, of which 25 in ICU), Jaén (197 hospitalizations, of which 46 in ICU), Malaga (552 hospitalizations, of which 92 in ICU) and Seville (421 hospitalizations, of which 106 in ICU).