This is the rolling coronavirus story for Sunday 21 February 2021


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Stats for the last 24 hours -  180 more cases and 1  more death

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The curve stabilizes with 180 cases and one death and income continues to decline

The release of hospitalized patients is relaxed, but there have been five in the last 24 hours, one from ICU

The epidemiological curve of the province of Almería has left the worst days of the pandemic behind and has done so after adding in the last week continuous decreases in positives until the curve stabilizes around 200 infections in 24 hours, a high number of positives due to covid but which represents a respite from the aggressiveness of the virus during the month of January and the first days of February.

This has also happened this Sunday, when Almería has added another 180 new positives for covid detected through PDIA tests (antigen test and PCR), which represent a slight increase of 14 infections compared to the day before, but there are almost fifty fewer of those detected last Friday, when they were 227. With this new increase, the province now has a total of 43,787 positives detected since March, more than 44,000 if the data from the rapid tests are also counted, which the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía only updates from Monday to Friday.

In the same way, the decrease in positives has also been transferred to the counter of deaths from covid, which in the last 24 hours has been only one patient in the province, which leaves 609 deaths since March in one of the days with fewer deaths from coronavirus in recent weeks and which is also accompanied by a decrease in the number of hospitalized patients, since at the moment there are 239 people from Almeria who are in the hospital, of which 70 are in serious condition in Intensive Care.

The figures for this Sunday represent a decrease of five hospitalized compared to the day before and one less patient in the ICU and confirm the positive drift that the covid takes in the hospitals of the province, where today there are almost 100 patients less than just a week ago, since last Sunday, February 14, there were 328 people from Almeria with coronavirus who were hospitalized and 77 in the ICU. Likewise, if the view goes back a week, until Sunday, February 7, the drop in pressure in the province's hospitals becomes more than evident, since the slightly more than 200 today contrast with the 414 that had just 14 days ago.

Finally, in the section of recovered patients who have received epidemiological discharge after having overcome the covid-19 disease, the number in the last 24 hours is 127, which leaves 29,173 patients already cured since March, but compared to the 180 positives does not prevent active cases from continuing to rise in the province, which today are already above 14,000 (14,005 if only the PDIA tests are taken into account, around 300 more if the rapid tests are counted).

Regarding the autonomous community, Andalusia today added another 1,220 positives and 39 deaths and the situation in hospitals is as follows: Cádiz (379 hospitalizations, of which 97 in the ICU), Córdoba (188 hospitalizations, of which 62 in ICU), Granada (359 hospitalizations, of which 101 in ICU), Huelva (104 hospitalizations, of which 26 in ICU), Jaén (174 hospitalizations, of which 42 in ICU), Malaga (502 hospitalizations, of which 85 in ICU) and Seville (388 hospitalizations, of which 98 in ICU).