This is the rolling coronavirus story for Saturday 10 July 2021

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Stats for the last 24 hours - 121 more cases and no more deaths

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The positives continue to skyrocket in Almería, which today totals more than 120

There are 23 hospitalized residents of Almería, of which six are in Intensive Care

The epidemiological curve continues to rise in the province of Almería and despite having registered 20 fewer positives than the day before, the data provided by the Ministry of Health and Families this Saturday leaves the province again above the red line of 100 cases in 24 hours after adding 121 new infected.

Despite the fact that the health authorities do not venture to speak of a fifth wave for the moment, the epidemiological data of the last weeks are especially worrying in a province that since the state of alarm disappeared on May 9, had seen continuously drop the number of positives. But today, again, the 121 registered cases represent one of the worst data in the last two months and leave the total number of infected at 56,848.

For its part, the good news that the Health report collects is that Almería once again keeps the death counter at 0, which remains at 839 Almeria who have lost their lives due to covid.


As for the number of hospitalized, this Saturday there are 23 people from Almería who are in bed in one of the three hospitals in the province, Torrecárdenas, Poniente or La Inmaculada, of which six are in serious condition in Intensive Care.

It should also be noted that in the last 24 hours only 20 people from Almeria have recovered from the coronavirus, which represents an increase of 101 active cases (the difference with the number of new positives) and leaves the total of recovered since the beginning of the pandemic in 54,685.

The autonomous community

For its part, global data for all of Andalusia indicate that the new positives in the autonomous community have been 2,693, 107 less than those registered the day before. In the section of deaths, on the other hand, Health has only reported one death among covid patients, in the province of b.

Regarding the number of hospitalized, Andalusia has registered this Saturday a rise to 513, 14 more in 24 hours and 24 more than seven days ago, while the patients in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) have increased to 115, two more in 24 hours and five less than a week ago.

In this way, the hospital pressure is situated today as follows: Cádiz (46 hospitalizations, of which 7 in ICU), Córdoba (61 hospitalizations, of which 14 in ICU), Granada (79 hospitalizations, of which 18 in ICU) , Huelva (22 hospitalizations, of which 1 in ICU), Jaén (55 hospitalizations, of which 15 in ICU), Malaga (127 hospitalizations, of which 20 in ICU) and Seville (100 hospitalizations, of which 34 in ICU).