The article here has the details of this new service that will be provided by chemists in the province.

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The pharmacies of Almería, ready to sell antigen tests to detect Covid without a prescription

Pharmacy professionals will follow a protocol for the proper treatment of this new service

The Council of Ministers plans to approve, today, the modification of Royal Decree 1662/2000, of September 29, on medical devices for "in vitro" diagnosis, in order to regulate the sale to the public and the advertising of self-diagnostic products for COVID-19. A measure that will allow, from its publication in the BOE and from the date of entry into force of the same, that the 331 Almeria pharmacies, with its more than 700 community pharmacists, can dispense the self-diagnostic tests for COVID to citizens -19 without a prescription, a measure that is highly anticipated both by the professional community, often the closest to the population, and by the users themselves.

From the Official College of Pharmacists of Almería they have shown their satisfaction with the realization of this measure, which will allow strengthening the capacity to detect the virus.

In the words of its president, Gema Martínez Soler, “the dispensing without a prescription of these self-diagnostic tests through the 331 pharmacies in the province of Almería will increase their accessibility and maximize early detection, identifying positive cases and exercising an important preventive and containment work in the spread, in the case of these positive results ”.

Pharmacists, as strategic health professionals in Public Health, have always expressed their interest in collaborating for the early detection of COVID-19, by immediately transmitting the information necessary for epidemiological surveillance. “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we asked the Ministry of Health and the Ministries to take advantage of the healthcare potential of the pharmacy network beyond the dispensing of these tests, since with their integration into specific Public Health programs for screening, they are achieving magnificent results in the Autonomous Communities that are being carried out ”, recalls Martínez Soler.

In addition, the General Council together with the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products have prepared professional action guides in the dispensing of self-diagnostic tests, of maximum rigor for pharmaceutical action, which have already been made available to the entire network of pharmacies through the Colleges of Pharmacists.

From the College they recall that this type of self-diagnosis tests are exclusively dispensed in community pharmacies, "so once again we alert the population about the risks of acquiring this type of test in illegal channels, since the quality is not assured and their effectiveness ”, as has been reported both from the General Pharmaceutical Council and from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), who have been notified of all irregular situations that have been detected.