This is the rolling coronavirus story for Saturday 13 November 2021 

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Stats for the last 24 hours - 48 more cases and no more deaths

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Almería adds 48 positives in covid in a day without hospitalizations or deaths

The incidence of the coronavirus continues to increase in Andalusia, reaching a rate of 43.2

Almería has added 48 new positives this Saturday, 14 more than on Friday, in a day without hospitalizations or deaths from covid-19.

Everything indicates that with these data the accumulated incidence may rise, as is the case with Andalusia, where it already rises to 43.7 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days, although the Ministry of Health will not update the data by province until next Monday.

This Friday, Almería was still at low risk from covid, at a rate of 49.0, and after weeks ago it became the Andalusian province with the highest incidence, it is now the fourth, after Huelva (with a rate of 75.8 on Friday), Córdoba (71.7) and Málaga (56.0).

This Saturday, the province was the fifth Andalusian in number of cases. Malaga, with 93, has once again been the one that has added the most, followed by Córdoba with 72, Seville with 68, Jaén with 52, Almería with 48, Huelva with 32, Cádiz with 30 and Granada with 21.




In total, in Andalusia 416 cases have been confirmed in the last 24 hours, 23 less than on Friday but still a high figure if we compare it with days ago, which continues to show a regional rebound, at a time when experts are already warning of the arrival of a sixth wave of the coronavirus in Spain.


After no admissions were recorded on the last day, the total number of hospitalized patients in the province with covid-19 is 18, of which six are in an intensive care unit.


The Ministry of Health and Families has reported that currently 180 patients confirmed with covid-19 remain admitted to Andalusian hospitals, of which 34 are in the ICU. In Andalusia, a death from covid-19 has been registered, in the province of Seville.


Finally, in Almería 27 people have overcome the coronavirus infection in the last day.