El Ejido Bowls Club
If you fancy trying out short mat bowls in Almerimar then please get in touch. I will make arrangements for you to have the chance to give it a go.
 The cost is 5 euros a person. This covers a 2 hour session including tuition, hire of bowls and hire of bowling shoes.

StGeorgesDayBowls2017 1   StGeorgesDayBowls2017 2

The El Ejido Bowls Club held a St George's day event a little bit late this year on Thursday 27 April 2017. The photos above are from the bowls venue that is beneath the golf hotel close to the 18th green on the Master Course.

After the competition we all had dinner and prize giving at Nautilus. A very good time was had by all.

Thanks to all of the organisers.

The bowls club is now settling in to their new home in the Golf hotel in Almerimar. In a room close to the 18th green of the Master Course.

They now have 3 short mat bowling mats available for use in the room. Having brought some mats down from their old location underneath the El Ejido football stadium.

They are now holding regular sessions for members on Mondays and Thursdays. In addition they are holding ad-hoc sessions for beginners who wish to learn about the sport.

Please note that the timing of the sessions is different from the advertising material for the club we already have on this site. Please contact the club for details of how you can join the club or give short mat bowls a try at one of their beginners sessions.


El Ejido Bowls Club

The El Ejido Bowls Club (EEBC) has been producing some advertising material to put in the tourist office in Almerimar. The club has asked that I also publish this notice here.

Jacqui and I have just joined the El Ejido Bowls Club (EEBC). We played our first short mat bowls as members of the club earlier today in a room underneath the Almerimar Golf Hotel.

We had great fun. However it was clear that our standard of play was much worse than the regulars. Hopefully over time we will improve.

Many thanks to the members of the bowls club who have welcomed us as new members.

I have heard recently that the El Ejido Bowls Club (EEBC) has got an agreement to start playing short mat bowls in Almerimar rather than under the El Ejido football stadium stand. My understanding is that they are setting up some of their stuff in the Almerimar Golf hotel.

I hope to be able to bring further information about how to join the EEBC or take part in short mat bowling as a guest in the near future. Watch this space.

I hear from Mr President that the El Ejido Bowling Club (EEBC) is at the moment setting up some short mat bowling facilities in the Golf Almerimar hotel. In collaboration with the management of the hotel. As yet, I do not know full details of what is going on. Once I have more information I will publish it here.

Alan is a member of the club but is not on the committee. I have asked him if he could get a member of the committee to provide me with some details and photos when they are available.

From personal experience I can say that playing short mat bowls is great fun. I have done so on a number of occasions in the past under the El Ejido football stadium.

I feel that if such a facility is being set up in Almerimar it can only be to the benefit of everyone in the community. So well done to the EEBC and the management of the Golf Almerimar hotel on this initiative.

El Ejido Bowls Club - St. George's Day 2015

Thanks to Sharon for sending us some photos from the El Ejido Bowls Club 2015 St. George's Day competition.

EEBC winners St. Georges Day 2015 - Bill and Sharon

The winners this year were Bill and Sharon.

You can see a couple more photos from the evening including the players having a celebration dinner at Osteria Da Ralph in the Gallery.

EEBC - winners of bowls/putting 2014

Well done to the El Ejido Bowls Club (EEBC). They stuffed FGS when we played bowls last week and got a draw in the putting competition last night. The photo above is of the winning team collecting their trophy at the D'Bar last night.

Short mat bowls - 7 May 14

Thanks to the El Ejido Bowls Club (EEBC) for organising a match against FGS last night. The 20 people taking part had great fun. As expected the bowls club stuffed FGS. However the veteran team of Doug, Idris and John Wi put up strong resistance in their match.

While chatting in the D'Bar after the match we discussed the idea of having a section on this site for things to do with the bowls club. I have created that section. It can be accessed via the link in the menu on the left of the site.

I have also reproduced the EEBC flyer below in case people want to contact the club.

El Ejido bowls club

El Ejido bowls club

Last night a small group of members of the Friday Golf Society enjoyed a great evening of short mat bowls courtesy of the El Ejido Bowls Club. While there we were given the leaflet pictured above that describes the club.

Thanks to everyone involved for making us feel so welcome last night.