I hear from Mr President that the El Ejido Bowling Club (EEBC) is at the moment setting up some short mat bowling facilities in the Golf Almerimar hotel. In collaboration with the management of the hotel. As yet, I do not know full details of what is going on. Once I have more information I will publish it here.

Alan is a member of the club but is not on the committee. I have asked him if he could get a member of the committee to provide me with some details and photos when they are available.

From personal experience I can say that playing short mat bowls is great fun. I have done so on a number of occasions in the past under the El Ejido football stadium.

I feel that if such a facility is being set up in Almerimar it can only be to the benefit of everyone in the community. So well done to the EEBC and the management of the Golf Almerimar hotel on this initiative.