I have just spotted that I missed out on advertising a concert taking place on the rugby pitch last night. It was advertised here on the Ideal site yesterday.

With a couple of active coronavirus outbreaks in the Poniente area of Almería I would hope that people might be playing it safe. So not attending such events. Or wearing masks and ensuring they keep to social distancing if they do attend.

This becomes even more important now that we seem to be getting more people coming to Almerimar. From other parts of Spain and overseas.

San Juan 2020

I picked this up off Facebook. Here is a Google translation>


Based on all of the above, with Saint John's Night approaching and before the tradition of. on the occasion of it. go to the beaches, everyone is reminded USERS OF BEACHES WHO:

FIRST.- It is NOT allowed on the entire coastline of the municipal district of El Ejido:

- the camping,
- bonfires,
- barbecues,
- beach parties,
- drinks parties,
- other similar activities.

SECOND.- It is recalled in relation to the use of the beaches that:

The Playas de El Ejido APP has information about the capacity, beach status, flags and other information of interest.

Groups of more than 15 people are not allowed.

A safety distance of 2 meters between groups will be respected in the sand and in the water.

Children under 14 years of age must always be accompanied of an adult.

You have to collect the garbage in a bag and deposit it in the bins and beach containers.

THIRD.- Finally, this Mayor calls on the responsibility of all beach users. especially on the night of the day
June 23. so that they respect compliance with the provisions of the sections above and so that they follow the indications that may be given by the Police, Local, Civil Guard, Civil Protection. lifeguards and all those people who are making an effort to avoid any type of regrowth in the health crisis of COVID-19.

FOURTH.- Non-compliance with any of the prohibitions and regulations in the use of the beaches it will be sanctioned according to the legislation valid

Francisco Gongora


I received this information from a reader, Nick P:

"Our Wednesday quiz at the Espigon resumes this Wednesday, please could you promote this event on your web site, it starts at 8.00 for 8.30."

Carnaval Almerimar 2020

Carnava lEl Ejido 2020

Winter Spring Culture 2020 Page 1

Winter Spring Cultufre 2020 Page 2

I( was in the tourist office this morning doing stuff to do with the council. While there I asked for details of upcoming events. I was given the posters above.

 Galleon Feb 2020

 In the next few days there will be a Galleon on show in Almerimar.

We held our first progressive whist event in Almerimar yesterday. 16 players learned how the game was organised and played. We had a very enjoyable time.

We will be playing again next Tuesday (21 January) starting at 4pm in the Pensioners Centre at the back of Porto Fino.

It is very much a mixed ability group so please do not be frightened to come along.

If you are interested in joining us please get in touch. I will then add you to the Whatsapp group for the events.

El Ejido Ladies Rugby 14 January 2020

I picked this up off Facebook.

Fancy watching some ladies rugby training in advance of an international match against Scotland?

UPDATED: The poster says that the international match is in Almería. In the Juan Rojas stadium at 12:00 on Sunday 19 January. It is in small writing on the poster.

Jacqui McM has asked us to post a reminder about this event....

One of our readers, Jacqui McM has asked me to advertise this event.....

"It's that time of year again when we are going to be advertising the Burns Supper. It will be 25 euros per ticket. 4 course meal with dancing. Wine, toasts and free raffle included in the price. January 25th at El Espigon. Thanks."

Please get in touch if you would like to attend. I will then pass your details on to Jacqui.

Just a reminder that the Kings will be arriving in the port on SUNDAY 5 January 2020 (CORRECTED) at around 16:00. They will then parade around the marina.

I believe that most of the shops including Mercadona will be closed on Monday 6 January as it is a bank holiday. So get your shopping done today.