May Day Charity Event 2019

One of our readers, Jeni, send me this poster advertising an event taking place next Wednesday in Almerimar.

Food Trucks Almeria - 26 to 28 April 19

Thanks to Jacqui who spotted this on Facebook.....

"# Almería will host a #country contest with 14 "Foodtrucks" of various styles for three days: April 26,27 and 28 at the Rambla Federico García Lorca.
They will offer dishes of Cuban, Portuguese, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, American, French, Peruvian, Argentinean, Thai, Belgian, German, Brazilian and Spanish origin !!!"

I think I might go along to see this.

John Lennon - 9 April 2019

Refugios - 9 April 2019

Yesterday a group of 27 people from the Friday Golf Society (FGS) and the El Ejido Bowls Club (EEBC) visited the Refugios in Almería. These are the tunnels that people used to hide from being bombed in the Spanish civil war. Afterwards 28 of us had a menu del día lunch at B Once.

We went by coach from Almerimar. We were dropped off near the Refugios with around 25 minutes to spare before the visit started. So at the request of one of the people on the visit we went on a walk for a few minutes to find the statue of John Lennon.

I will not go into detail about the visit as this would spoil it for people going there in the future. However I can say that the trip was a success. As was the menu del día lunch afterwards at B Once.

Easter 2019

Thanks to Irene from the tourist office for sending me this programme of Easter events for 2019.

If you click on the image then click on the image that appears you can see a bigger version of it.

I spotted a link to the video here on Facebook on the sports institute part of the town hall website. It is about the upcoming second edition of the El Ejido challenge. The video is of the event last year. It looks like it would be fun to watch it next Saturday.

Succulent plant greenhouse - 19 March 2019

Succulent plant greenhouse - 19 March 2019

I met my friend Paco some years ago. We got in touch with each other when he was looking for someone to help him practice his English. He is now a great friend of mine.

Paco runs two greenhouses growing succulent plants near the Poniente hospital. This morning we popped up to see Paco at his greenhouses. While there I took some photos of the place. You can see lots more photos in the Gallery.

To help him practice his English Paco arranges occasional visits to his greenhouses for groups of 2-8 English speaking people. These visits are free of charge.

In the past I have arranged trips to the greenhouses for members of the Friday Golf Society and the El Ejido Bowls Club. Speaking to Paco this morning he is happy for me to invite people who read this site to visit the greenhouses.

The visits normally take place in the morning. The days or the week can vary a bit but normally do not include Mondays as that is always a busy day for Paco.

The visits normally last between 1-2 hours depending on how many questions you ask. During that time Paco provides a great insight into the way the plants are grown.

The greenhouses are about 10 minutes drive from Almerimar. I can provide people with a map with the route to the greenhouses.

So if any readers are interested in visiting Paco's greenhouses please get in touch with me. I can then put you in touch with Paco so you can arrange your visit.

Normally I get my warnings about bank holidays when I visit Mercadona and see signs saying what days they are closed. As Mercadona is now closed and not opening again until 14 March I did not get a warning from there about Andalucia Day.

Luckily a friend asked me recently whether it was a bank holiday this coming Thursday. I had a look on the internet and found out it is a regional bank holiday for Andalucia. So watch out for other businesses being closed on Thursday 28 February 2019. As well as Mercadona of course.

PS I wonder if the small Coriván supermarket in the back of Porto Fino will get much more business in the next couple of weeks.

Clásica de Almería 2019

Thanks to a Facebook friend for posting this online (you know who you are). I have lifted the picture and posted it here.

You can see the full itinerary for the day including anticipated timings here. Also, here is a link to the site for the event (even though the link says 2018).

I am sure that a mamil who is ex of this parish (Bryn J) would have wanted to watch it.

On 27 January 2005 it snowed in Almerimar for the first time in about 50 years, Later on in the same winter we also had a storm with hailstones the size of golf balls. We thought that we had brought the snow with us from England.

I made the video above from photos people donated to the Memorias de Almerimar Facebook page. I hope you enjoy it.

Yesterday I read somewhere on Facebook that Almerimar will be hosting the petanque (petanca) world championships in May 2019. Now I cannot find the item where I found this out so I have had a poke around on Google.

The page here on European Petanque Federation site confirms that the singles, doubles and mixed doubles events will take place here on 2-5 May 2019.

Almerimar Xmas 2018

I picked this image up off the Almerimar Junta Local Facebook page. Local events over Christmas.