Bike race in Almerimar - 18 August 2012

Nice to see that Sylvia has got her broadband back up and running. She posted the following comment on Facebook about the cycling race leaving Almerimar this morning....

"When walking dog this morning I went via the hotel to see if I could see the start of cycle race. There was no one about but on the way home I noticed activity at the new hotel. The race started about 9.0am & there seemed quite a few cyclists. I didn´t envy them as it was very hot & humid with no wind."

So it looks like they decided to start the race near the golf hotel rather than the AR Almerimar hotel as mentioned in the article in the paper earlier in the week. Also, 30 minutes later than anticpated.

By the way, Sylvia told me on Friday that the hotel that is open at the  moment (AR Almerimar hotel) used to be called the beach hotel years ago. I didn´t know that until now.