The El Ejido Actualidad site has more details about the event that is being held at Mare Nostrum tomorrow (Sunday 23 September 2012) at 1pm. See here.

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The device is placed through a suction system in the dorsal fin of the whale and allow you to track Marcos after his release.

The association has organized PROMAR a charity lunch which will take place on Sunday, September 23, at the Mare Nostrum restaurant in Almerimar, to raise funds to buy a satellite transmitter to Mark, the dolphin appeared ill last 21 August at a beach in Roquetas de Mar and is currently recovering in a fenced in Almerimar beach in El Ejido.

Marcos, a baby dolphin listing just over a year, he appeared with some ailments, including muscle type, being unhooked from the herd. When PROMAR took over he had an infection and malnutrition that has already been recovered. Today the members of the association and volunteers permanently camped on the beach working with him to strengthen his muscles and teach to hunt live fish in order to ensure their survival when released.

The association is financed PROMAR solely through the contributions of its members without any government subsidy or support, calls to raise funds to buy a satellite transmitter to be placed through a suction system in the whale's dorsal fin and track will be released when Marcos: the price of this device is around 2,000 euros to which must be added a cost of one hundred euros per month to cover the cost of the satellite that will emit waves transmitter.

The Civil Guard vessels and Customs and private boats, sailing besides the Ecologists in Action "Goddess Maat" who has moved to this area specifically to assist in these tasks, collaborate in a few days with PROMAR providing information on pods of dolphins sighted in the area in order to reintroduce Mark in one of them when their recovery is complete: a very difficult challenge because there is hardly news reintroduced cetaceans in the wild after so long convalescence.

PROMAR invites all supporters, friends of dolphins and media for a day of fellowship and solidarity, on Sunday September 23, from 13:00 in Mare Nostrum restaurant in Almerimar. It will project a video presentation and information about the work of the association in the protection and recovery of marine life and the evolution of this month Mark