Almeriswim 2016

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The Swimming Crossing 'Almeriswim' meet your expectations and brings together about 250 swimmers

The Swimming Crossing 'Almeriswim' meet your expectations and brings together about 250 swimmers in Almerimar
German Rodriguez Garcia and Ruben Rodriguez Tamayo proclaimed absolute winners in the categories queens 5,000 and 10,000 meters respectively

Poniente Beach Almerimar has returned to stage this weekend one of the most traditional and spectacular summer tests, the Swimming Crossing 'Almeriswim' which, as every year, has gathered a large number of swimmers from various clubs in the province of Almeria and even different parts of Andalusia, the Community of Valencia, Murcia and Albacete, among other places.
The test, organized by the Municipal Sports Institute in collaboration with the club Swimming H20 El Ejido, TriejidoWIll, Handball Club Ejido and Club Murgiverde, consisted of two queens modalities, 10,000 meters and 5,000 meters, and two more accessible for fans to swimming with distances of 1,500 and 750 meters evidence.

At 8.30 in the morning I was beginning the first of them in a festive atmosphere in which they could complete the spaces provided by the organization, with nearly 250 swimmers who fled to the ejidense appointment during the morning hours on Sunday. In all tests has further emphasized the high level splurged by participants who have made significant time proving that this is further evidence that consolidated the provincial sports calendar for attending, increasingly, large professional swimming.

The competition has been followed, from early in the morning, the Councillor for Sports City of El Ejido, Maria Jose Martin, as well as by Lidia Garcia Navarro of H20, and Pedro Vera Triathlon Club El Ejido. Also this year the event has had a luxury spectator as the new champion of Spain Swimming Alevín, Miguel Guerrero.


CATEGORY 10,000m

senior Men
1. Miguel Angel Martinez
senior Women
1. Ana Rocio Cordoba Hernandez (Bay Almería)

Veterans A Male
1. Ruben Rodriguez Tamayo (CT Almería)
2. Ivan Hernandez Herrera (WITL)
3. José María Molina Franco CN Villa Torrepa Lorca

A Women Veterans
1. Maura Garcia Navarro (H20)
Veterans B Male

1. Adrian Garcia Maldonado (Bay Almería)
2. Lake Guillermo Nunez (CN Mar de Almería)


Veterans A Male
1. Germán Rodríguez García (Ego Running)
2. Magdaleno Gonzalez Alfonso (Ego Running)
3. Paul Miñano Gombau (Ego Running)

Veterans B Male

1. Miguel Angel Salmeron Ubeda (CT Almería)
2. Term Fernando Pino (Bay of Almería)
3. Germán Romero Polo (CN Armilla)

A Women Veterans
1. Úbeda Raquel Fernández (Ego Running)

B Women Veterans
1. Maria Isabel Barroso Alba
2. Esther Kamphuis (Bay of Almería)
3. Loli Leal Rivas (H20 El Ejido)

senior Men
1. Lao Rafael Fernandez (Dulce Alliance)
2. Emilio Suarez Herrero (RCN Motril)
3. Paul Alley Calvo (H2O Ejido)

senior Women
1. Veronica Perez Porra (Almería Bay)
2. Elia Aguilera Roda (CT Dulce Alliance)
3. Teresa Medina Carande (Sportlayo)

Category 1500

senior Men

1. Cows Francisco Mejias (EGO Runnig Almeria)
2. Alberto Marques Regaira (Triti For you)
3. Isaac Hernández López (CT Almería)

senior Women
1. Mª Jesús Pérez Torrente (EGO Running Almería)
2. Isi Caballero Sánchez (CT Almería)
3. Mª José Pérez Palomo (PUSAUD)

Veterans A Male
1. Germán Rodríguez García (Ego Running Almería)
2. Paul Miñano Gombav (Ego Running Almería)
3. Sergio Pérez Martínez

A Women Veterans
1. Úbeda Raquel Fernandez (Ego Running Almería)
2. Maite Ruiz Rubio (Almería Running Ego)
3. Victoria Tortosa Rico (CT Almería)

Veterans B Male
1. Jesus Fernando Plaza del Pino (Bay Almería)
2. Miguel Angel Salmeron Ubeda (CT Almería)
3. Miguel Puertas Bretones (Almería Bay)

B Female Veterans
1. Marian Lopez Rodriguez (Ego Running)
2. Esther Beatrix Kampluis (Bay Almería)
3. Bethlehem Porras Pomares (Bay Almería)