Just a quick warning about the concerts at the castle this year. It appears that some of the concerts may be very popular and you may have to buy a ticket in advance (from the theatre in El Ejido I think). Also be careful about the start times.

For the first time in a few years Jacqui and I tried to go to a concert at the castle last night. We had a couple of problems:

- All the notices I had seen said that the concerts would start at 10:30pm. However I read on a couple of sites yesterday that the Amy Winehouse tribute band was going to start at 10pm. We ended up turning up there at around 10:15pm and stayed until around 10:30pm. The concert had not started by that time.

- The concert last night appeared to be massively oversubscribed. When we arrived they were only letting in people who had pre-purchased tickets. Also, there was loads of people hanging around outside in a disorderly queue hoping to get let in at the last minute once all the ticket holders had entered. In addition there were stacks of people who decided to walk back to their cars and drive home as they felt there was not chance they could see the concert.

It may be that this was just a one-off situation with this event being very popular. However if you want to see any of the other concerts this summer I suggest that it might be worth buying tickets in advance just in case.