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Almerimar Old Guard and devotion to provide rociera

For the first time, both cores will host a pilgrimage and coexistence that aims to bring together more than 600 pilgrims, 220 horses and 25 cars

Perhaps it is a devotion somewhat unknown to most of the inhabitants of El Ejido, but the fact is that religious fervor to the Virgin del Rocio by a group of residents of the municipality ensure this Saturday 20 August, first time, more than 600 pilgrims, 220 horses and 25 cars gathered in the pilgrimage and planned coexistence between Old Guard and Almerimar are given. And although this religious event was promoted two years ago through a neighborhood movement was not until this year when he got done 'official'. In fact, that protects it's own Parish of the Holy Family of Almerimar, who aims to establish this tradition every penultimate weekend of August.

Thus, on Saturday, from 18 am and from the Church of Old Guard, the tour will start in a procession after Mass offered that will begin the road. A road will run, as explained yesterday the Councillor for Tourism ejidense, Luisa Barranco, during the presentation of the event, beaches and some urban roads, and will have a total length of 6.5 kilometers.

About 21.30 is expected the arrival of the pilgrims to the Church of Almerimar, which will take place in turn a wreath in honor of the image and the rear output box the White Dove will carry to the beach Levante the border with the Park of Punta Entinas, where a party will be held coexistence and one of the most anticipated by devotees, the rosary from midnight moments.


According clarified yesterday the ejidense councilwoman, who reeled off all the details of the accompanied appointment Parson Almerimar, Jesus Zapata, "the complexity and extensive processing that had to be done to give officialdom and make feasible this pilgrimage, has clarified coordination different administrations as are the delegations of Environment, Agriculture and Health of the government of Andalusia, the Provincial Costas and the City Council. " Of course, after the start of that agreement prior collaboration with the Parish of Almerimar and its head, the pastor.

Meanwhile, the pastor, Jesus Zapata, said that what you want with this religious act is "to convey the feelings and experiences that are taken during the Dew" and responding well to the devotion of more than 1,000 followers and faithful this that exist in the West, as unveiled the pastor image. In short, as announced, and also give the steps to create the statutes and be the first Brotherhood of Our Lady of Rocio Virgin of El Ejido.