There is an article here on the town hall website with details of the 40th edition of the El Ejido Theatre Festival.

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The Ejido dresses long to present the 40th anniversary of the Theater Festival that will include 84 national and international shows

An original and worked staging in which the Municipal Corporation participated, local groups and clubs, teachers of the Conservatory of Music, in addition to the 'Earthquake', has meant the start of an intense and varied programming

Montserrat Caballé, La Fura dels Baus, Ara Malikian, Els Joglars or Julia Gutiérrez Caba will be part of the outstanding poster that, from May 19 to June 10, will impregnate the city with culture and contemplates the premiere of five great shows

As a novelty, this year's edition will be extended to other points in the province such as Adra, Almería, Huércal-Overa, Vera and Vícar

The mayor has defined him as "our best ambassador of the social and cultural life of our city both nationally and internationally" and has remarked that "from today no one will be able to escape from the culture and what our Festival "

Góngora has remarked that "it is a program to enjoy in the family where 51% of the functions are aimed at all audiences and 62% of the shows are free"
El Ejido today took advantage of the celebration of World Theater Day to present, in a big way, the 40th anniversary of one of the most important cultural icons of the city, the Theater Festival. With a creative, innovative and colorful staging that has had the starring performance of the 'Earthquake', has been announced the outstanding poster that forms this year the intense and varied program of the Festival that will include 84 national shows And international, of which 5 of them will be great premieres. The mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, has been in charge of opening the representation and setting of the scheduled programming for the coming months and has been the scene of the Patio de Luces del Ayuntamiento. For this, the ejidense regidor has gotten into the skin of García Lorca, alluding to one of the theatrical lectures written by this great poet and Spanish playwright to allude to that "today we are all Theater and the Ejido is written with T of Theater" .

Góngora has been accompanied in the presentation by a good part of the members of the Municipal Corporation, who also have been characterized by historical personages of the theater or have dared with the urban dance like the mayor of Culture, Julia Ibáñez, as well as by the representatives Of the other collaborating administrations in the Festival like the deputy of Culture, Antonio Jesus Rodriguez, and the territorial delegate of Culture, Alfredo Valdivia. The mayor said during his speech that "from today on El Ejido no one can escape the culture or this varied offer, adapted to all public and tastes that, uninterruptedly, will make this city a great Scene where to impregnate, through the five senses, of the best of the scenic arts ". And is that "the theater takes to the streets to catch the pulse, rhythm and project in the life of this city".

In its 40th edition the Festival will again dazzle with performances of all genres classical theater, dance, street theater and circus that have been programmed. In this way, from May 19 to June 10, as detailed the councilman will be "a luxury poster that will include 5 national premieres, including the one of La Fura dels Baus and the spectacle of a Of the great voices Montserrat Caballé ". To these figures are added others of the size Julia Gutiérrez Caba, Albert Boadella, Ara Malikian, Els Joglars, Miguel Rellán, Antonio Canales, El Espejo Negro or Pitingo among many others.

Precisely, the director of the Festival, Diego Ruiz, has wanted to emphasize the show of the Catalan company Fura del Baus, as it will remain for two days in El Ejido with its premiere and new DNA assembly with which "they return to their origins".

Apart from the big companies, the mayor stressed that "it will undoubtedly be a theater festival aimed at all audiences, as there will be functions to enjoy in family, for adults, youth and school population." In fact, "51% of the functions to be represented are aimed at this segment of the population and 62% of them will be free." With this, what is intended "is to keep alive the spirit of this festival in future generations".

News on your 40th birthday

The mayor has defined him as "the best ambassador of the social and cultural life of our city both nationally and internationally." With him "we dynamized the urban life of the city with an important commitment to cultural policy that we have managed to conserve above ideals, turning the Festival into a spearhead of a lively and open city, flooding its streets, squares and spaces with culture Scenic theater ". In this way, and as an important novelty, the edition will be extended to other points of the province by adhering to the municipalities of Adra, Huércal-Overa, Vera, Vícar and the Teatro Cervantes of the capital of Almeria. Also, for the first time, the theater will be present in seven horticultural marketing centers of the municipality, where they will develop flamenco performance. Likewise, on its 40th anniversary, it will return to its origins, IES Santo Domingo, with the proposal of the Restaurant La Costa 'Comestible Theater' as it is planned to be said educational center the stage of the theater dinner that every year organizes the chef star michelín José Álvarez.

Góngora has also referred to "the more than 400 people who will be involved this year." That is why he wanted to "thank the intense work that technicians, operators, actresses, actors of the house and volunteers will carry out during the development of the Festival."

For the municipal official, "the essence of the Festival has always been the enormous involvement of the ejidenses" and therefore has applauded the continuation of the program 'Bet Roots' that this year will have proposals such as that of Azahara Herrera with the production of' Flamenco On Wheels, or the premiere of the new Botavara for family audiences, Nalia Palmero and his Contemporary Dance or the large participation of social groups of El Ejido.In addition, the Festival will again transcend the stages to reach the night venues with the ' Nights Golfas' with concerts, as well as with the development of lectures, master classes or exhibitions.

For his part, the delegate of Culture wanted to congratulate the local government and municipal technicians for the "original presentation today and the intense work behind the organization of the Theater Festival." For the political leader, "art becomes the cultural manifestation of any society at any given moment" and in this line, has made reference to the character that has characterized today, Charlie Chaplin, who "made an atrocious criticism about the moments of Crisis and the ideologies that were at that time flourishing, hence the culture, written in capital letters, comes to be that expression of what people feel and society in general at a given time. "

The provincial deputy of Culture wanted to thank the City Council and the government team that "you have been with us, as it is a pride to represent the Delegation of Almeria in an event as important as this and that has a significant weight in the Cultural and theatrical programming not only in the province but also at the national level. " Moreover, Rodríguez has remarked that "when things are done with as much enthusiasm, earn, work and dedication as in this case, they always work well although, many times, we can not count on all the economic resources that we would like."

Lastly, remember that the Festival will have as a prelude the Amateur Theater Exhibition that, from April 17 to May 19, will feature the work of local groups, becoming the seed of the hobby for this stage art in the town. In fact in this edition will be 25 groups, with more than 425 members, who will put on the boards their care and elaborate scenic works, in which they have put the soul and the heart throughout the year.

The presentation of this special edition of the El Ejido Theater Festival ended with a commemorative cake and the interpretation of traditional 'happy birthday'. At which time the attendees were able to blow the candles of a date so special for the ejidenses.