The article here on the Wiki Ejido site has details of the 2017 San Marco fiesta taking place on 20-23 April.

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San Marcos 2017 is committed to promoting our traditions, customs and culture

El Ejido, from 20 to 23 April, will receive thousands of neighbors and visitors ready to enjoy a popular and unique party, whose identity are linked to the figure of the patron, closely linked to farm animals

This year's edition will host for the first time a Fair of Crafts and Gastronomy that will come to enrich and expand the leisure, cultural and religious offer of programming

The Wine Tasting, run by the 'El Cortijo del Cura' winery, will wink at the 40 th Anniversary Theater Festival by labeling an ecological wine bottle that will be a limited edition

To the important remodeling to which was submitted the Fairground last year, must add on this occasion new improvements that allow to continue gaining in functionality, security and aesthetics

They will distribute more than 1,500 kilos of beans, 360 of bacon and 30 arrobas of wine, to which will be united the 13,000 donuts that will be put on sale in the great day of these holidays

The mayor remarked that "these are a benchmark in our province, since in it live the devotion to the patron and joy of a party that has retained its true essence over the years, strengthening our identity"

With an original and worked staging in which traditional elements such as the typical 'beans with bacon', flamenco dancing and good atmosphere, today presented the City of El Ejido its most popular and unique festivals, San Marcos 2017 The Mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora, and the Councilor for Education and Culture, Julia Ibáñez, accompanied by a group of students from the Association 'Francisco Velarde'. The ejidense alderman referred to this festival as "a firm commitment to enhance the culture, tradition and customs that revolve around the pattern." Traditions that, from generation to generation, have been preserved intact and that have come to strengthen the identity of an entire city that has made San Marcos an inescapable event.

In this way from April 20 to 23, the city will receive thousands of neighbors and visitors willing to enjoy a party, whose signs of identity are linked to the figure of the Saint, closely linked to farm animals. Góngora has had a special impact on the religious character of the church because, as he said, "let us not forget that San Marcos presides over this important celebration, since it is a saint to whom we ejidenses have a great devotion to being closely linked to farm animals And, therefore, to the field, as it happens with San Isidro. " The mayor has pointed out that "these are the festivities that are most fervently lived in the street; Being the big day and the one of greater concurrence on Sunday ". That is why the Department of Culture has planned an intense and varied program of activities that will be the venue of the Fairground and the Municipal Park of El Ejido.

A space that last year was subjected to a major remodeling and to which we must add on this occasion new improvements that allow us to continue gaining in functionality, security and aesthetics. With this idea, the local government has continued to introduce important changes in the fair that are possible after the management and modernization of this important space and the integration that has been made of the Municipal Park in it. In this line, the ejidense regidor has insisted on this objective to continue incorporating improvements that contribute to configure an enclosure adapted to the needs of a large city such as El Ejido "this time, we have improved pedestrian access to the site and regulated the distribution Of the traffic through the construction of a roundabout, introduced static improvements in the Park with the replacement of the fence that limits with the Avenue Architect Perez de Arenaza and introduced fixed electrical installations for the detriment, conditioning and leveling the parking lot for the Motorhomes of the feriantes, in addition to establishing a new system of closure of the perimeter with fixed barriers that impede the traffic to gain thus in security and efficiency ".

The mayor has referred to "the essence" of these holidays and the importance they, too, have for a city of deep-rooted traditions. Therefore, he explained that "we continue working to make these holidays declared of Regional Tourist Interest and encouraged" all the residents of El Ejido and the rest of the region to come to our city to enjoy this particular party and ours, as well as To contribute, among others, that it does not fall because it forms an important part of our roots. " Góngora has not wanted to ignore the important Security Device that will have the fair, which will be made up of more than 100 agents of the State Security Forces and Bodies that are joined Civil Protection and Firefighters volunteers.

The Councilor for Culture has been in charge of giving details of all the novelties presented this year San Marcos, highlighting over them the 1st Fair of Crafts and Traditional Gastronomy to be installed in the fairground with a dozen booths that will put The sale of gastronomic products and typical crafts of the province and our Alpujarra, as well as the Wine Tasting and tasting of traditional artisan products that this year will make a nod to the Festival of Theater in its 40th Anniversary celebrating it in the stage of the Auditorium Theater and labeling An ecological bottle of wine with the limited edition Festival poster to be served during the Festival Gala.

The 'Festival of the Beans' is also another of the most traditional events of this festival and fair. After the good reception that this one had last year, it will return to have as scene the Municipal Park. In it, they will taste more than 1,500 kilos of beans, 360 of bacon, 2,500 buns of bread and 30 arrobas of wine. All this made possible by the Association 'Francisco Velarde'. For the day of April 20, the 'Children's Day' has also been established in the fairground with discounts of 50% on the price of the attractions.

The municipal councilor has remarked that "this year, about 4,400 euros will be allocated to the prizes that will be awarded to the Carriage Contest, with the purpose of making this a quality meeting, preceded by the traditional pilgrimage." Ibáñez has also announced that this year will put on sale more than 13,000 donuts and will feature cultural performances such as the concert that will offer 'Celtas Cortos' on April 21 at the Auditorium Theater, accompanied by the El Ejido Symphonic Band.

Finally, the mayor wanted to thank the collaboration provided by associations and groups such as 'Francisco Velarde' and the establishment of flamenco fashion 'Mariar' de Balerma who has been who has loaned some of the complements and furniture that have been part of the set The presentation today.