Programacion Theatre Festival 2017

Thanks to Gabriel from the tourist office in Almerimar for sending me information about the upcoming theatre festival in El Ejido.

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Dear friends,

Try to prepare to receive with all honors our cultural event par excellence, the Festival of Theater of El Ejido, which this year, in addition, commemorates its 40th anniversary. A Festival that from its humble beginnings in the IES Santo Domingo - which casually in this course 2016/17 is also immersed in the celebration of its 50 years of history - has been growing and consolidating until becoming at the moment one of the main signs of Identity of our municipality, as well as in all a reference between the contests of the scenic arts of the national panorama.

El Ejido can not be understood without its Festival, which has always had a great rooting among the ejidenses and with the involvement of all the social and cultural fabric of the municipality, because that is where it was born and where it has grown with the support and support of all Social and business institutions and organizations. Thus, it is documented that there was already theater in El Ejido before and during the Civil War. In 1925 a first work was directed by José Ruiz Rus, and in 1934 the sainete "La Cigarra y la Hormiga" by the same director. From these first representations the love for the stage has passed from generation to generation.

It is evident that culture and theater find in our municipality a special magnetism, illusioning us, motivating us, arousing in us new concerns and, ultimately, making us feel and vibrate with all kinds of emotions because, as you know, the objective of this programming is not Is merely the entertainment of the viewer, but to evoke winks towards reflection, towards personal and collective debate and even touch our feelings and our hearts. Let this happen.

To celebrate this date, we have made a great effort of management, organization and production, especially at a human level, with the objective of setting up a wide and varied program endorsed by quality and prestige, always counting on local social groups, who Have turned in its development.

Important companies and interpreters of varied styles and trends will visit us for a whole month to leave their good work and artistic quality in the more than 27 scenic spaces where we can witness them. Thus, up to more than 60 companies with a total of 80 functions that will reach all the nuclei of the municipality. This year, in addition, we will carry out for the first time an extension to the province of Almeria, for which we have the collaboration of the Ayuntamiento de Adra, Huércal-Overa, Vera and Vícar, who will program proposals of the Festival in their municipalities, at Like the company Kuver Producciones, that will do it in the Theater Cervantes of Almería. To all of them my sincere thanks.

Figures and companies of the stature of Monserrat Caballé, La Fura dels Baus, with a national premiere, Julia Gutiérrez Caba, Albert Boadella, Ara Malikian, Joglars, Miguel Rellán, Antonio Canales, El Espejo Negro, Pitingo, Producciones Imperdibles, Teatro Seville ... and shows like the great work "Miguel de Molina to the nude", the novel and vibrant "Music Has No Limits" show that after triumph in half the world comes to our country filling all the theaters where it makes the public vibrate, "Amour," the shocking "Nobody," played by people with diverse functionalities, the surprising Nick Beyeler, arrived directly from Cirque du Soleil in the USA, the Laser Man from Italy, Tomáš Bartoš from the Czech Republic, the acclaimed Tresperté and Lapso Producciones, the emerging ones Anabel Veloso, Immaginario Theater, Vol'e Temps, Luigi Ludus, the fun Juanjo Macias ... and a very long etcetera of proposals irresi Sible.

Our firm commitment to the local productions or to ejidenses that work and triumph crossing borders deserves, without a doubt, a separate mention. This is what we call "Bet Roots", with proposals such as that of Azahara Herrera with the production of the Festival "Flamenco sobre Ruedas", where his art moves to the centers of agricultural production; Or the premiere of the new Botavara for family audiences; Nalia Palmero and his Contemporary Dance; And the great participation of social groups of El Ejido in the inaugural show, where more than 600 people will participate actively in an event that will mark a before and after.

To all this we must add an ample proposal of shows of "Noches Golfas" in different places of the municipality. In addition to the performances themselves, we will also have many other activities such as courses, talks, lectures, round tables, exhibitions (one of them on the history of the Festival), which will complete the wide and varied offer of this special edition, worthy of An Anniversary Festival.

As you can see, a very varied program and, as it could not be otherwise, to the height of a demanding public and understood as the ejidense, and we hope, likewise, to please all tastes and sectors of the population. Therefore, we are impatient to welcome neighbors, those who come from neighboring municipalities and those who will visit us from various points of geography, who will come to El Ejido to share and enjoy pleasant moments, laughter, fun and The reflection that our Theater Festival always evokes.

And, as tradition marks, as a prelude to the Festival, we will celebrate what is another pride for all: the 28th Amateur Theater Show in El Ejido. Twenty-eight editions that demonstrate the maturity and the affection that the ejidenses feel for this type of manifestation of scenic art.

In this edition, 24 groups of our Municipality, with more than 425 members, will put on the tables their care and elaborate scenic works, in which they have put their soul and heart throughout the year.

The Amateur Theater Exhibition is and remains one of the bases of the Festival and a demonstration that the theater in El Ejido is not casual or anecdotal, but is part of the daily work of the closest ejidense, neighbor, friend and family member who Sees in the actor Murgitano a reflection of a commitment to the reality that surrounds him, which shows the effervescence of the theater as a banner of cultural expression of our ejidenses. "The Ejido is written with Theater T". So, our thanks, our congratulations and our applause to all those who illustrate us with your art and your example, inculcándonos this philosophy of life so enriching.

And, of course, a well-deserved applause also to the more than 70 companies that this year strongly support the Festival, because without their help this programming would be unthinkable and budgetary sustainability impossible. Therefore, a thousand thanks also to all these companies that continue betting on the culture in the Ejido.

This greater involvement of private companies, as well as all the Public Administrations will allow us to enjoy an extraordinary edition. Therefore, I can not fail to mention the Excma. Diputación Provincial de Almería and the Junta de Andalucia, who also strongly support this event, in an example of coordination and promotion of the performing arts.

From the City Hall a great effort has been made, not only by the Culture staff, who has invested a lot of time, dedication and professionalism, but also from the rest of Areas that have joined this celebration with their ideas and initiatives, contributing So to promote a Theater Festival with which, in short, we all identify.

Friends, the moment is near. El Ejido expects the hours for the rise of the curtain and commemorate the 40th Anniversary of its Festival of Theater, but, above all, to return to witness how public and artists join hands in a new unforgettable encounter. Now is the time to dream and cultivate illusions. As councilor of Culture #YoElEjidoTeatro.

Julia Ibáñez Martínez
Councilor for Culture City Council of El Ejido