Amongst other things, the article here on the Ideal site has some information about this years edition of the San Isidro festival.

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The Local Government Board supports the project for the fiestas of San Isidro 2017

The study contemplates the economic and technical data of the main activities that will be developed from June 28 to July 2 on the occasion of the patronal festivity

The Local Government Board held yesterday in the City of El Ejido approved almost thirty points corresponding to the different areas of municipal management, among which was found the approval of the project of the next patron saint festivities in honor of San Isidro, which Will be held from June 28 to July 2. It covers the technical and economic data of the main actions and tasks, such as the dissemination of the festive program, the preparation and development of activities, the fitting out of the exhibition center or the contracting of extraordinary lighting.

The government team spokesman, José Francisco Rivera, explained that "the fiestas are a further indication of identity of El Ejido, so the Consistory, through the Culture area, wants to promote them following the line marked a few years ago Improvement and aggrandizement, promoting the development of new initiatives in the organization of activities, so that they remain a meeting point of fun, coexistence and citizen participation, as a space in which to show our customs and traditions more ingrained ". It is a program that one year more aims to respond to the demands and preferences.

The festival program, which will be officially presented shortly, will include classic events such as the battle of flowers, musical attractions, XXI Pyrotechnics Festival, midday and evening fair, election of queen, miss and ladies of El Ejido, reading Of the proclamation, lighting of the extraordinary lighting of the fair and procession in honor to the Patron, among others.

Rivera recalled that in previous sessions already approved the specifications for rent and installation of tents necessary to house the tents of fair and bases with the conditions for the exploitation of eight Andalusian and four juvenile huts. In addition, the Governing Board approved the concession of the cafeteria-bar service of the Tarambana Senior Center, the rates for water supply and sewage service and the rates of wastewater treatment for the second quarter of 2017.

Family aid

In the area of ​​Social Services, the project and expenditure of the fourth phase of family financial aid, for an amount of 3,600 euros, were also used to meet needs related to child feeding, school supplies or payments of supplies Such as water or light. The spokesperson remarked that "they are a vital resource for those families, with children in their care, who require immediate intervention to avoid situations of social exclusion. They are intended to promote the normalization and full integration of the family nucleus, avoiding the institutionalization of minors for economic reasons ".