The article here on the Portal Ejido site has details of the pilgrimage from El Ejido to Dalias last week.

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The Operational Coordination Center attends until tomorrow the thousands of pilgrims on their way to the Christ of Light

Town Hall, Local Police and Civil Protection work, without rest, these days to guarantee the good development of the road and the tranquility of the pedestrians
Throughout the weekend, local police officers have strengthened traffic and blood alcohol controls
Installed in the vicinity of the Local Board of Pampanico, offers help and information on any doubts, as well as on the new trails enabled to reach Dalías with all the security guarantees
Highlight this year the increase in the number of Local Police personnel compared to other years, as well as the number of signs and indications throughout the entire route to guide the passers-by
Remember that the City Council has enabled two new roads that run along natural routes to the 'Los Atajuelos' road, such as the 'Rambla del Bujo' Trail and the 'Las Palomas Cortijo Trail'
Tomorrow will conclude, with the celebration of the great day of the feast of Christ of Light, the special security device launched by the City of El Ejido on the occasion of the traditional pilgrimage to Dalias that each year thousands of faithful. In order to guarantee the control and security of the pilgrims, who not only come from all over the municipality but also from different points in the region, the City Council of El Ejido has reinforced this time the controls and has enabled two new roads that run along routes natural alternatives to the highway of 'the Atajuelos' to avoid the outstanding traffic that registers the A-358.
Within this framework, the Operational Coordination Center (CECOP), composed of City Council, Local Police and Civil Protection, plays an important role as it serves the pedestrians by providing them with medical support and help in case of need; as well as information on any doubts concerning the two new routes incorporated this year, such as the 'Rambla del Bujo Trail' and the 'Las Palomas' Cortijo Trail, which, duly indicated, are more comfortable and easily accessible. This is equipped with a radio station and ambulance to carry out the transfer to the medical centers closest to people who suffer some type of injury during the course of the pilgrimage.
Likewise, the number of local agents and the number of signs and indications along the route to guide the walkers from the ejidense municipal district to the receiving locality have been reinforced in relation to other years. Likewise, the Information Points, which are located on both the Pampanico road and the access roads to Dalías in the municipal district of El Ejido, provide assistance and provide water and sugar to walkers.
Also this year, brochures have been published that offer some basic recommendations to pilgrims, such as planning the journey in sufficient time, such as in daylight, as well as wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, reflective vests, the mobile phone fully charged and, also, try not to make the road alone. In addition to all this, the Consistory, FFCCSS and Local Police ask those who travel in vehicles to exercise prudence, moderating speed and keeping calm in the caravans that are usually formed at times of more influx of passers-by. Also, and as is traditional, surveillance actions, traffic controls and breathalyzers have intensified.
Finally, a video tutorial with detailed information through images, locution and signs has been elaborated, explaining to the citizens the route, the points of reference and orientation, directions to follow and deviations corresponding to the 'Path of the Rambla del Bujo' so that they know how to walk through it.