Kings Day 2018 - El Ejido

Only 5 days late. However I have been a bit busy.

Here is an article on the town hall website about this year's Kings Parade in El Ejido.

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Thousands of ejionados take to the streets to enjoy a spectacular and magical Three Kings Parade

Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar have finished the royal parade in the Plaza Mayor where they have been received by the mayor of El Ejido who thanked them for their long journey from the East to be in Ejido, "filling our streets and homes with excitement and excitement. An emotion that overflows the smallest and that spreads to us all "

A thousand people have been part of the entourage that has had 14 performances, three royal thrones, eight children's floats, six musical groups, seven parades and a group of geese

Thanks to the wide security device deployed since the early afternoon, the event has gone smoothly, without incident and in an atmosphere of joy and fun

The activity has ended with the adoration of their Majesties of the East to the Infant Jesus in the Living Nativity and with a great end of party between fireworks, effects of light, release of balloons and rain of confetti

Thousands of people have gone out to enjoy the spectacular and magical procession of Three Wise Men that has gone on without incident and in a climate of fun and joy. Finally, the wind has respected this special evening and has allowed both adults and children to accompany Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar along the route that started on Nicolás Salmerón avenue to continue along Paseo Juan Carlos I, calle Granada, García Espín street, El Ejido Boulevard, Church Street and Cervantes Street, ending at the confluence of Cervantes with Constantino until you reach the Plaza Mayor.

All municipal areas have worked transversally to ensure that this multitudinous event has been brilliantly developed, combining efforts that have guaranteed spectacle and security at all times, while at the same time combining tradition with modernity.

The parade started at 6.30 pm, but in the morning their Majesties visited the elderly of the Residence for the Elderly, the Day Center and the West Hospital to bring gifts and enthusiasm to the small children and their families.

About a thousand people have participated in the parade, divided among the 14 performances, of which 280 have been volunteers dressed in costumes of the time and suits according to the theme of the floats for children, such as shepherds, Egyptians, Arabs, Romans , Dalmatians, miners or pinochos. He has counted on the three royal thrones, eight children's floats of Frozen, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Daisy, Trolls, hot air balloons, sleigh and clowns, in addition to the Struzzy parades, Big Dancers, White Fantasy, The Fury, Trolls, the Carbonera, the postmen and a group of geese.

The music has been put on by the Band of the Ejidense Music Group, the Band of the Amasal Cultural Music Association, the Santa Cruz de Almería Musical Group, the Cornetas and Tambores Band of Our Lady of Carmen of Almería and the Musical Group Ntra. Sra. Rosary

It is noteworthy that this year the Cabalgata has been inclusive and in which everyone has been able to enjoy thanks to the habilitation of two preferred areas, on Avenida Juan Carlos and on the Boulevard, for people, especially children, with special needs, reduced mobility or with some disability, so that they have been able to see up close, without obstacles or barriers to Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar.

At around 9:00 pm, the royal entourage entered the Plaza Mayor where the first mayor, Francisco Góngora, received his Majesties from the East to whom he thanked them for their presence in El Ejido, "filling our streets and homes with excitement and excitement. . An emotion that overflows the smallest and that spreads us all. You have made a long trip and tonight you have a lot of work, and I know that you will fill our homes with magic and also that you will bring gifts to children and adults. "

In the same way, it has addressed children who have wanted "a happy day of Kings and that they behave well," while the elderly have wished "a year full of health, illusions and prosperity. May all your life projects go forward as you hope. " For their part, the kings have also addressed the exiles to those who, likewise, have wished a happy night and a great year for all. Melchor has asked them to read, study, go to the theater and listen to good music, in short they are imbued with culture. Gaspar that they practice sport in family and Baltasar that they are happy and that they behave well.

As a festive finale, the Plaza Mayor has been filled with color with the spectacle of fireworks, visual effects, rain of confetti, release of 1,000 balloons and special effects. Throughout the tour, the Three Wise Men distributed 1,600 kilos of sweets and candies of eight different varieties and that allowed all the children to enjoy the sweets.

Throughout the afternoon a special security device has been deployed with which the good development of the Cavalcade has been guaranteed. But the Magi have also paraded in the cavalcades of the different nuclei of the municipality where the same sweets have been distributed and all the security measures have been adopted.

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