This morning the town hall made an announcement about the 2018 El Ejido Theatre Festival. You can see details here.

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The 41st Theater Festival of El Ejido raises the curtain with a colorful staging that anticipates 'a rain' of premieres and innovative shows

This morning has presented all the programming in an act that has had an amazing choreography with colorful umbrellas, version of the classic 'Singing in the rain', by the group of dance and urban dance '7 Level Up'

From May 18 to June 16 the streets, squares and other spaces will be filled with 70 performances of musicals, flamenco, comedy, humor, tragedy, dance, circus and, above all, cutting-edge assemblies of 40 companies

In this edition they highlight the national premiere of Yllana, José Mercé, Concha Velasco accompanied by Antonio Resines with the comedy 'El funeral', Mayumana, Los Vivancos, Gabino Diego, Tete Delgado and Pablo Puyol, among others

The mayor has indicated that "the Festival has again overcome. It is the flagship and the best ambassador we can have for a city that believes in culture and has theater rooted in its own roots "
The Festival of Theater raises the curtain again and, to its 41 years of trajectory, returns to project to the Ejido like one of the main capitals of the scenic arts. Thus, from May 18 to June 16, will fill streets, squares and spaces with a unique program for its diversification as there will be street theater, musicals, flamenco, comedy, humor, tragedy, dance, circus and, above all, shows innovative and avant-garde.

The presentation of the 41 Festival took place this morning on the stage of the Auditorium Theater with the participation of the mayor, Francisco Góngora; the Councilor for Culture, Julia Ibáñez; the delegate of Culture and Tourism, Alfredo Valdivia; the deputy of Culture, Antonio Jesús Rodríguez; and the director of the event, Diego Ruiz. In addition, the stalls have been occupied by sponsors, collaborators, students of the Fuente Nueva and Santo Domingo and different means of communication.

The act has begun with a surprising and colorful choreography by the dance and urban dance group '7 Level Up' by Miguel Ángel Cruz who, with colorful umbrellas, has covered the classic song 'Cantando bajo la lluvia' and has finished with the projection of the Festival's winning poster that anticipates a 'rain' of assemblies.

The first mayor has been responsible for advancing that "there will be almost 30 intense days of cultural activity with 70 performances and 47 national and international companies that will put this Festival within everyone's reach, since there will be functions to enjoy as a family, to adults, youth and school population. In addition, 67% of the shows will be free. "

For his part, the delegate pointed out that "culture is dynamic and raises wealth in the territory." In this line, he referred to the Festival "as a palpable example of this and that is that for a month he will keep the curtain raised as a synonym of cultural, social and economic dynamism". Valdivia has insisted that this great event of the performing arts is always at the forefront, exceeding borders and thus becoming a national and international benchmark that has the support of the Board ".

The provincial deputy has also shown his gratitude to the City Council for "maintaining the level of this great event and ignited the flame of culture in a municipality as important as this." In the same way, he praised the important economic effort he makes every year for "with so little budget to set up a Festival of this important level". Rodríguez also referred to the Diputación program 'Ocupa tu butaca', which provides citizens of small towns the possibility of enjoying the wide range of programming. "Thanks to this initiative they are paid transportation and entry to shows that are paid," he explained.

Among the most significant works this year highlights the national premiere of Yllana, the great voice of flamenco José Mercé with his new symphonic show that will fuse flamenco traditions with classical music. Concha Velasco recalls again accompanied by Antonio Resines with his comedy 'El funeral'. In addition to Mayumana, Los Vivancos, Diego Gabino, Tete Delgado and Pablo Puyol that will complete the highlights of this edition.

In the same way, the Golf Nights are maintained in different venues and many other proposals of all kinds and formats that will reach 17 scenic spaces such as, for example, the Auditorium Theater itself, Room B, the Castle of Old Guards, Botanical Garden La Almunya del Sur, Balerma Children's School, Plaza Mayor, Antonio Mira Square, Santa María del Águila Park, Santa María del Águila Library Square and population centers such as Almerimar, Balerma, Las Norias or San Agustín.

Diego Ruiz has indicated that "innovation and daring is a constant in recent years, so we bet to surprise with proposals such as the Italian company 'Nogravity Dance' and his show 'Del Infierno al paraíso'. A surprising assembly of dance and movement without gravity, barely seen before in Spain and that comes directly from the Festival of Rome to El Ejido. This will offer an incredible plastic beauty and a technique difficult to explain, but that will surprise the public. It is a great effort for the Festival to have this exclusive international show. "

The Festival will start on Friday May 18, as Ibáñez has indicated, "in a big way, with a weekend with three big events in different spaces, two of them at the Auditorium Theater and the opening on the street on Friday, May 18 where we will have seven companies that will act continuously in the Plaza Mayor and where you can see Alfred Cobami, expert magician in escapism and resistance and who will try to beat the record of permanence buried in ice and exceed 5 hours.

Papito, Impact Brothers, Capitan maravilla, Bot Projet, Red Moon and the flamenco pianist Diego Valdivia will participate in this inauguration of the street with the collaboration of more than 75 local bailaoras girls and boys from the country, "giving room to something that is fundamental and essential for us as is the contribution of talent and the art of collective and dance academies of our municipality. "

The mayor has indicated that it will also end "in a big way since the last day, we will have the performance of Los Vivancos with 'Born to dance', a show full of dance, movement, virtuosity and energy demonstration, cataloged as 'extraordinary' masterpiece'. Then the spectators can enjoy an exquisite and traditional mojito '".

Góngora has indicated that "the Festival has once again exceeded itself. We are facing the flagship and the best ambassador we can have for a city that believes in culture and has theater rooted in its own roots. This Festival has been transforming and molding with the own development of the city throughout the last four decades. It is impossible to conceive the past and the present of El Ejido without this annual appointment and, of course, the future is unimaginable without it ".

In El Ejido, the theater and, in particular, its Festival, is in good health as evidenced by the fact that last year it had an influx of loyal audiences that reached 20,000 spectators. For this edition, which has a budget of 180,000 euros, it is expected to exceed the number of attendees.

Both the mayor and the Councilor for Culture have had words of thanks to the administrations that collaborate, Diputación de Almería and Junta de Andalucía, as well as theater fans, actors, directors, sponsors, collaborators, editors, illuminators and all the technicians of the Culture area that make it possible for this Festival to be year after year a success in quality and organization.

In this line, Góngora has also made special mention to the more than 27 amateur theater groups of El Ejido and the 400 people who will be present this year in our 29th El Ejido Amateur Theater Exhibition. "They are the soul and an important part of the history of this theatre legacy we hold."

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