Yesterday the council published the article here on their website promoting summer outdoor cinema events.

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35 screenings at the Summer Cinema for Almerimar, Balerma, El Ejido, Las Norias, San Agustín and Santa María del Águila

There are 14 titles, 9 animation and 5 non-animation, suitable for all audiences and varied themes such as fiction, classics, musicals, adventure or superheroes

The Councilor for Culture explained that "it is undoubtedly one of the proposals that has the greatest reception during the summer season among the public of all ages, since it brings together entire families in front of the screen"
The Department of Culture of the City of El Ejido has designed an intense and varied programming for the summer months designed for the whole family, neighbors and visitors, which is based on three main areas: cinema, music and theater. Although, the Summer Cinema is, without a doubt, one of the most popular proposals among the public of all ages, since it brings families together in front of the screen.

This summer season will have 14 titles and a total of 35 screenings, 9 animation and 5 no animation, all suitable for family audiences and with varied themes such as fiction, classics, musicals, adventure or superheroes. In addition, 10 will be projected by an external company, 6 in El Ejido and 4 in cores.

The Councilor for Culture, Julia Ibáñez, has indicated that "these films will bring the public to the cinema of today, free of charge, on the big screen, in the open air, becoming a place of meeting and participation, at the same time that it can contribute to the fans for the seventh art ".

The cinema takes place on the nights of the months of July and August, projected on different terraces and cores at 10 pm. The films can be seen on Mondays at the Rugby Field and on Tuesdays at the Brisamar Park in Almerimar; Wednesday in the Park El Palmeral de Balerma and in the Municipal Park of El Ejido.

As a novelty, this summer, there will be 10 projections in the nuclei, so, in Las Norias in the municipal booth with four screenings distributed two in July and two in August on Tuesday nights; in San Agustín in the young booth with four, two in July and two in August, on Friday; and in Santa María del Águila in the courtyard of the CEIP Santa María del Águila with two screenings in July on Thursday.

The titles of the films are 'Gru, my favorite villain 3', 'Baby jefazo', 'Canta', 'Captain Fantastic', 'Mascotas',' Batman ',' La Lego Movie ',' El Principito ',' Piratas of the Caribbean: the chest of the dead man '; 'Guardians of the Galaxy' 2; 'Diary of Greg 3, road and blanket', 'Trolls',' Robinson; a tropical adventure ',' Ballerina 'and' The Home of Miss Peregrine for children '.

Ibáñez has recalled that "the cinema comes to complement the program of events for the summer that they have designed of the rest of the Tourism and Sports areas, as well as of the local meetings and the patron festivals that are celebrated in each nucleus".

This week also saw the start of the 21st Concert Series at the Castle of Guardias Viejas for Thursday and Friday nights with a total of 13 shows of different styles; 2 groups of flamenco-andalusí; 3 of flamenco fusion with cante, baile and piano; 1 classic piano duo with 4 hands; 2 popular music groups; 5 groups of Rock, Country, Folk and Blues.

The Coral Lola Callejón inaugurated last night the Cycle in the coastal fortress with its concert 'A popular song'. At 22.30 today will be the turn of singer-songwriter Sensi Falán, with 'Por la luna nadaba un pez'.