We had a busy day yesterday. First we played Friday golf. Followed by a meal out at El Tiburón last night.

According to the list of events in the Virgen del Carmen magazine this square (just behind El Espigon) was the focus for summer events in Almerimar last night.

We were quite hungry so we got to the restaurant at about 8:30pm. Pretty early compared with the majority of people that eat there. This was a good thing as the vast majority of the tables both inside and outside the restaurant were reserved.

According to the list in the magazine, events were supposed to start at about 9:30pm. While we were having dinner there were people setting up the stage for a musical event later. A few of the people who were performing later did a sound check. They all sounded very good.

At around 9:30pm a street band called Charanga turned up in the square and started playing. The video above is of one of the songs they played.

By around 10:30pm the main events on the stage in the square were about to take place. Sadly Jacqui and I were shattered after a hot day in the sun playing golf. So we decided to take a walk along the prom then meander back home. So we missed the main music of the evening. However we enjoyed listening to Charanga.

UPDATED: Here is a link to some photos from later in the night from  the weekenjoy website.