The article here on the Ideal site has details about the imminent arrival of the pirates. The article was published on Thursday 2 August 2018.

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The pirates approach the coast of Almerimar

This coastal core ejidense will live next Sunday a new edition of the Pirate Landing, which this year will put more than 200 people on the scene

Begin to look towards the coast because a pirate ship is approaching the coast of Almerimar.

Throughout this week this coastal core will live its VII Pirate Week with numerous activities aimed primarily at the little ones and will have as a star proposal a Pirate Landing that this year will adventure more spectacular and higher quality as indicated yesterday by the Local Board of Almerimar , during the presentation of the calendar of activities.

The Castillo de Guardias Viejas welcomed yesterday the presentation of this initiative that is growing year after year in participation and that more than 4,000 people follow. A scenario chosen to be one of the fortresses (before the castle was watchtower) from which the coast was monitored to alert and protect the numerous landings and pirate attacks that occurred during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. More than 54 dated and documented landings that serve to recreate precisely the activity next Sunday.

In this sense, the president of the Local Board, Inocencio Gabriel Manzano, indicated that "in 1501 the Almeria coast had 16 estancias, 8 towers and 4 towns, such as the Tower and Castle of Balerma, Torre y Castillo de Guardias Viejas, Torre de the Entinas and of Cerrillos ». In addition, the documentation used for the entire recreation includes the arrival of Berber pirates who sacked the coasts and made their inhabitants slaves.

That is why one of the objectives of this activity is to strengthen the heritage and remember the history, recreating experiences of that time.

Also, the president of the Local Board of Almerimar encouraged everyone to participate actively in this activity, disguising themselves for the occasion and participating in the Jack Sparrow contest that will be developed in parallel to the parade that will take place after the landing.

A contest that will have an adult section and a child section, and in which all people can participate, carrying costumes related to the theme of the day and time.

Children's pirate voices

Juanjo Lozano, of Alejú Servicios Culturales, the company in charge of carrying out the Pirate Landing, indicated that "this year it will be the children who tell the story", while adding that there will also be a group of puppeteers who will be responsible to drive the story.

In this way, this year the event will focus on a landing dated in 1552, when two pirates plan an attack on the Coast of Malerva (former name of Balerma) and kidnap 20 women and children, asking for their ransom the amount of 5,555 Duchies This staging will take place at Poniente Beach and will start at 8:00 p.m. Real swords, special effects and pyrotechnic material of cold fire will be used, without noise and that does not stain. In total there will be about 50 people who give life to that Pirate Landing in which there will be the 13 pirates who entered through Malerva.

Parades and performances

Afterwards, a great parade will begin from the promenade, which will include the Kalesi entertainment group, the Amasal association and the Cristo del Amor, which will tour the docks of the Marina, streets and squares of this town and end with a great show in the square Batea. During the tour will also be held several shows of about 15 minutes long with a variety of records.

Thus, the first performance will correspond to the group Aribaldi Circus, which will hold a fantasy show of mermaids and pirates in which they will be hanging from a height of eight meters, with a show designed especially for this Pirate Landing. Aribaldi Circus were in charge of opening and closing the Mira who Salta program.

Also, there will be a performance by the best juggler and clown of Granada as is 'Antoñito Huevo Frito', while the group Calderón y Cía will stage spectacular fire and jumping numbers. For its part, Lunas de Oriente will also offer choreographies that will feature fire.

The end of the parade in Plaza Batel will feature a video show that will reflect the reality of Almerimar and El Ejido from different perspectives. More than 200 people will participate in the development of a late night of history.

Local Association

The president of the Local Board of Almerimar said that they are even talking about creating a local association on this issue "that may be done", since the goal is to enrich the municipality with cultural activities that have a historical background.

On the other hand, among the activities that will be carried out during the week prior to this Pirate Landing, the Pirate Market stands out on Galeón Street, located in Dársena 2, which will open on Friday at 7:00 pm and will be held throughout the weekend. of week, popular games and tapes on the Rugby field this afternoon at 6.30 pm or the musical performances of Enrique Durán tomorrow at 10 pm at Batel square and Mari Gómez Dúo on Saturday at 22.30 in the Varadero square, among others.

Pirate theater and treasure hunt

The Pirate Week of Almerimar will have various activities aimed at the little ones. In this way, tonight at 10 pm the Plaza Varadero will host the staging of the theater play Una de Piratas by the local company Alejú Servicios Culturales. A proposal for children from three years very participatory with games, dancing and where you have to give even the Do of chest.

On the other hand, on Saturday at 10 am Lake Victoria will be the scene of In Search of the Treasure for children from 7 years, by the club Tiempo Libre. The inscriptions open today.