Race 26 Aug 2018

The article here on the Ideal site has details of the race that took place in Almerimar last Sunday. The photo above is one of many that can be seen in the gallery of photos you can access from the story on the Ideal site.

I am not sure where on the golf course the photo was taken.

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A day to see Almerimar on the run

The maritime promenade of this urban nucleus, the docks of the Puerto Deportivo and the golf course were scenes of Murgiverde's career

From the first hour of the morning the walk of Levante de Almerimar became this morning in a going and coming of runners heating, stretching and getting ready to take the exit of the third test of the Circuit of Popular Races organized by the Municipal Institute of Sports from El Ejido.

A circuit that arrived this morning at the equator with the celebration of the Murgiverde Grand Prize, in which more than two hundred people between adults and children gathered. A test organized by the Murgiverde club itself and which also had the collaboration of the Local Board of Almerimar and the IMD. A great sporting event for lovers of running that was held by the sea, starting in the Brisamar Square, crossing the promenade, the docks of the marina and the Golf Course.

In this line, this sporting event also became a day for the whole family during which to practice outdoor sports, since it had different categories and distances, yes, facing the heat of the day, with high temperatures and only a slight breeze that was increasing with the passage of the morning and that in the last section of the test helped to refresh the participants. However, that air that helped to cool the atmosphere, also made it difficult in some cases that the runners could catch and keep the pace from the start.

The children were the first to take the start of this race after nine thirty in the morning. An exciting spectacle at the same time as fun, with races that began with the lollipops to give way to the rest of the categories of minors, except for youth, which allowed to see the great hobby that also exists among the youngest for running.

On the other hand, the departure of the 10 kilometers took place after a few minutes of ten in the morning. After the initial shot, the runners started the race towards the Paseo de Levante and west towards the Puerto Deportivo, where they toured the docks until they reached the Poniente seafront until they reached the parking lot of the Hotel Almerimar. From there, the runners crossed Avenida del Mar to enter the golf course, where the feeling of warmth increased upon contact with the lawn, crossing a good part of this space and returning to Paseo de Poniente eastwards until reaching the dock. in the Port and in the Paseo de Levante, to cross the finish line located in the same place as the exit.

The first to cross the finish line was Emilio Almagro, from Clínicas Polisalud, stopping the clock in less than 34 minutes and doing practically the whole test alone. Almagro said the race "was beautiful, lively, inside the golf course for the most part and has been hard because of the heat. People have turned and the atmosphere fabulous ». It is not the first test for this Granada in El Ejido, since he has won twice the Half Marathon and came to this Grand Prix Murgiverde in preparation for the Veterans World Championship that is in Malaga in September.

It was also run in preparation for that great world event by Paqui Lopez, from Run 04, who was the absolute winner in Women, with a time less than 40 minutes and more than five minutes apart with the second classified.