Succulent plant greenhouse - 19 March 2019

Succulent plant greenhouse - 19 March 2019

I met my friend Paco some years ago. We got in touch with each other when he was looking for someone to help him practice his English. He is now a great friend of mine.

Paco runs two greenhouses growing succulent plants near the Poniente hospital. This morning we popped up to see Paco at his greenhouses. While there I took some photos of the place. You can see lots more photos in the Gallery.

To help him practice his English Paco arranges occasional visits to his greenhouses for groups of 2-8 English speaking people. These visits are free of charge.

In the past I have arranged trips to the greenhouses for members of the Friday Golf Society and the El Ejido Bowls Club. Speaking to Paco this morning he is happy for me to invite people who read this site to visit the greenhouses.

The visits normally take place in the morning. The days or the week can vary a bit but normally do not include Mondays as that is always a busy day for Paco.

The visits normally last between 1-2 hours depending on how many questions you ask. During that time Paco provides a great insight into the way the plants are grown.

The greenhouses are about 10 minutes drive from Almerimar. I can provide people with a map with the route to the greenhouses.

So if any readers are interested in visiting Paco's greenhouses please get in touch with me. I can then put you in touch with Paco so you can arrange your visit.