Certamen Literario Feb-May 19

The article here on the noticiasdealmeria site has details of a poetry and short story competition going on in Almerimar. People have until 1 May 2019 to enter it.

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Almerimar celebrates its first Provincial Literary Contest of Poetry and Short Story

The deadline for participation in this literary event, organized by the Local Board and the Association of Intertertulian Women, will remain open until May 1.

The coastal nucleus of Almerimar celebrates this year its first Provincial Literary Contest of Poetry and Short Story, under the title 'Tell it to Almerimar your story of light'. It is a literary event, whose theme should revolve around any story, whether real or fictional, contextualized during the course of a vacation. Two of the most important aspects that the jury will take into account when evaluating the received works will be the style and creativity of the event narrated in the story or poem.

Only one work per author can be presented in each modality. The contest is open to the general public and the works must be written in Spanish. The originals will not be pending resolution in other contests. The short stories will be presented in white A4, with a maximum length of three pages numbered and typed by a single face with margins, line spacing of 1.5 and Time New Roman 12 font. The poems will have a minimum of 25 verses and a maximum of 30

These will be presented with a title and pseudonym and with two copies in an envelope in which only the pseudonym will appear. A closed envelope must be attached stating the name and surname, as well as ID and personal information, address and contact telephone number.

They must be delivered personally in the Municipal Office of Almerimar, located in the street The Goleta, nº 6 of Almerimar, in schedule from nine in the morning to two in the afternoon or also by ordinary postal mail to the direction Town Hall of El Ejido, street Cervantes, 132

Emphasize that the jury will be composed of people from the world of education and literature, appointed for that purpose. The presidency of the jury will fall on the president of the Local Board of Almerimar, Inocencio Gabriel Manzano.

The submission deadline will end on May 1. Two prizes are established for each modality of Short Story and Poetry. There will be a first prize that will consist of a spa session in the thermal pool of the Hotel Golf de Almerimar, as well as a book by Almerian authors and a guided tour of a thematic greenhouse. The second prize will consist of a batch of books by Almeria authors and a guided tour of a thematic greenhouse, as well as a basket of vegetables.

The winning works may be published by their authors provided they mention the prize obtained in the Literary Contest. Those not awarded can be collected at the Local Office of Almerimar within a period of one month counting from the day of the jury's decision. The prizewinners must attend in person the award ceremony, the day and time will be communicated in advance.