John Lennon - 9 April 2019

Refugios - 9 April 2019

Yesterday a group of 27 people from the Friday Golf Society (FGS) and the El Ejido Bowls Club (EEBC) visited the Refugios in Almería. These are the tunnels that people used to hide from being bombed in the Spanish civil war. Afterwards 28 of us had a menu del día lunch at B Once.

We went by coach from Almerimar. We were dropped off near the Refugios with around 25 minutes to spare before the visit started. So at the request of one of the people on the visit we went on a walk for a few minutes to find the statue of John Lennon.

I will not go into detail about the visit as this would spoil it for people going there in the future. However I can say that the trip was a success. As was the menu del día lunch afterwards at B Once.