The article here on the Diario de Almería site has details of an interesting event taking place this coming Thursday night. Gourmet food and music in Almerimar. As part of this years El Ejido theatre festival.

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The theater will be eaten in the Marina of Almerimar

La Costa Restaurant organizes this event that takes place on Thursday, at 9:30 p.m., and will have the group Music, Soul & Cinema

Six years have passed since the first performance of Teatro Comestible was held, organized by La Costa Restaurant. This initiative has roamed the municipality in different scenic spaces and has settled as one of the works with more demand of the Theater Festival of El Ejido. This year, gastronomy and music will be savored on Thursday, at 9:30 p.m., at the Almerimar Marina.

The Councilor for Culture, Julia Ibáñez, wanted to thank "in a very special way her involvement" at La Costa Restaurant. For politics, every year "we are surpassing ourselves with spaces, the Edible Theater is a special way to consume culture, it is a very avant-garde format that has nothing to envy to leisure proposals of big cities and capitals. in our municipality with the best Almeria products: fruits and vegetables from El Ejido and the sea, La Costa is a gastronomic reference, with a Michelin Star and a Sol from the Repsol Guide, scales of gastronomic excellence ".

For Ibáñez, the Comestible Theater is "a multidisciplinary bet, where music and gastronomy consolidate El Ejido as a cultural city." It will be a unique enclave such as the Puerto Deportivo de Almerimar, the second most important in Andalusia, with 1,000 berths and 5 docks, in one of them we will hold this special evening, José Álvarez will be the stage director, innovation and creativity with the best gourmet products ".

The councilor recalled that this proposal has been made in different scenic spaces such as a greenhouse, the school of Santo Domingo ... "It is a proposal of the programming of the Festival that is guaranteed success."

Tonight's music will be played by Music, Soul & Cinema with saxophonist Juanma Linde and singer Mar Venzal. They will perform musical pieces of soundtracks at jazz rhythm with titles like Cabaret, Peter's friends, Chicago ... "It will be a movie night under the stars and on a floating catwalk, it will be an elegant and very dynamic setting. they will combine flavors, smells and sensations in a wonderful space, we will try to surprise the public with a very careful lighting, "said Ibáñez.

Mar Venzal pointed out that "it is a real honor and a pleasure to participate in something so highly creative, to be able to merge culture with cuisine is a wonderful pairing, it is stimulating to be part of this project, the music is oriented to classic cinema".

The councilor assured that this proposal is a very meticulous job: "We have to take everything by hand because they can not get in. It's as if they left you in the middle of the sea, the marina is making everything much easier for us". Jesús Nieto, from Punta del Este, will be one of the sponsors of the event, and stressed that in "the area of ​​Andalusia is the only place where such a special event is held".

The guests will arrive directly at the dock where the stage is located on a boat, which will be led by Francisco Manzanares: "We will leave from the Marina Tower to the jetty, the idea is to play with the theme of navigation. a very consolidated festival and if we can unite it with the sea it will be wonderful, "he explains.

The chef of La Costa Restaurant, José Álvarez, gets involved every year with the Edible Theater: "From the Restaurant we are delighted by the boom that this initiative has had." It was Africa Mateo who pushed us in. I did not know what was going to have this repercussion It will be for approximately 90 people and the waiting list is over 100. We will try to find some more space Last year was in the Castle of Old Guards and it was the best year.

Álvarez threw away part of what they will serve: "The menu will contain seven dishes, there will be a lot of vegetables, fish and we will put some meat in. We will cook live in front of the people, doing it outside is very difficult, this year we will include a little cocktail mix for the first time. It is a very nice action to mix the theater, the cuisine and idyllic sites of El Ejido.