San Isidro Fireworks 2019

The article here on the Ideal site has details of the first night of fireworks for the San Isidro event in El Ejido. Plus details of what is happening tonight.

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Rain of color with the Pyrotechnics Festival

After the first burn the free concert of 'Dos Indios y un Palomo' and 'Compás Canalla' started

The smell of gunpowder reached the municipality of El Ejido on Thursday night with a fire and color show that covered the sky for several minutes. At 23 hours the first rocket that announced the beginning of the first burning of the XXIII Pyrotechnics Festival City of El Ejido, within the framework of the celebration of the Fiestas in honor of San Isidro, that from Wednesday to Sunday was They celebrate in the municipality.

A festival whose first burn was in charge of the company Devita de Oviedo with a striking show in five ignition posts with two different heights.

The relation of the effects that they proposed were of excellent quality, with a totally novel final, distributed in two multicolored parts and a third one made in gold, later followed by thunder in sequence, whistles in blow and kickback.

A show that offered a thrilling rhythm, in which striking palm trees alternated both in first height and in second height, in golden tones, with other fireballs and color, in red, green, violet or orange tones.

The rhythm with which the sky was decorating ejidense and raining in small lights that were changing color as they descended and that little by little were disappearing, ensured that the public's attention was maintained during all the time, without decaying.

On the other hand, a show of first level gave way to another that was not less and that came with seal ejidense. The stage of the Municipal Park connected the lights to start the free concert of 'Dos Indios y un Palomo', a fusion flamenco group formed by two young people from El Ejín and one from Dalí, who transmitted rhythm and joy to the attendees with versions of themes from the panorama national musical. After midnight they gave the alternative to the second group of the day as was 'Compás Canalla'.

But the main course will arrive tonight at 11.15 pm with Rock & Roll Night and three large groups of the national scene such as Invisible Dance, Tennesse and Troglodytes.