Market - Aug 19

Further to the earlier article about the market last weekend. The photo above and the article here are from the Ideal site.

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Almerimar is surprised with nights of 'One Thousand and One Stars'

This thematic market made launch more than a shout and give more than a jump to the assistants with the appearance of a great tyrannosaur

Since last Friday night the core of Almerimar is enjoying one of the fixed proposals in its summer calendar but that every year comes with news.

In this line, during the nights of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Galéon Street becomes the scene of the theme market 'Mil y una Estrellas'. An event for which thousands of people passed on Friday night and last night and it is still possible to visit today from seven to one in the morning.

Through the more than a dozen stands that make up the market it is possible to find handicrafts of all kinds, from wooden products, jewelry and accessories such as hats, bags, purses or scarves, beautiful glass objects, clothes, soaps, aromatic herbs and medicinal, sweets and candies made with natural fruit, wooden toys and even ceramic objects that you can see how they are created live by a master craftsman, who spinning his lathe is working and shaping the different utensils.

Nor did the traditional games area made of wood such as puzzles, dominoes or the three in a row, aimed at children, as well as a roundabout that works thanks to the physical fitness of its owner that drives it and turns it pedaling on the back of a bicycle.

However, what many of the attendees surely did not expect to meet was a large tyrannosaur running up and down Galeón Street, roaring in its path and moving its long tail.

The show caused everything. You frighten some, admiration for others who were photographed next to him and cries among some little ones who hid and clung to the parents' necks. Even some dogs hid and barked scared in their wake. A different and very successful touch, which gave a different air to this summer market.