You can see the press release about the 2022 edition of Almerimar pirate week here.

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The IX Pirate Week of Almerimar lands on Poniente Beach combining history, theater, dance and circus

The most outstanding activity will once again be the 'Desembarco', which will stage a pirate attack dated in 1552 on August 7 at Poniente Beach and the Rugby Field

The mayor of Culture, Elena Gómez, has remarked that "300 people from the Municipal Theater Schools will participate in this activity that values ​​part of our history and that includes actions that revolve around the sea and corsairs"

The recreation will begin at 8:00 p.m. and will last for 3 uninterrupted hours.

El Ejido, July 29, 2022.- Corsairs, swords and skulls will take Almerimar from the 2nd to the 7th of August at the hands of the IX Pirate Week, an event organized by the City Council of El Ejido, through the Local Board of Almerimar, together with Alejú Servicios Culturales, which is configured in each edition as one of the proposals with the highest attendance of the summer calendar marked by its originality and for being inspired by episodes of Ejido history.

The Councilor for Culture of the City Council of El Ejido, Elena Gómez, together with the president of the Local Board, Inocencio Gabriel Manzano, and Juanjo Lozano de Alejú, today announced the details of this week that includes the screening of the film 'Pirates del Caribe 3', Costume Contest or Corsairs and the Treasure Hunt. Added to this is the most outstanding activity this week, which will once again be the 'Disembarkation' that will stage a pirate attack dated in 1552 on August 7.

The mayor of Culture, Elena Gómez, has remarked that among the novelties of this year of landing "we have decided to concentrate all the development of the activity between the Rugby Field and Poniente Beach, with the aim of improving the vision of the shows which in this edition will combine theatre, dance and circus”.

"It will become an excellent opportunity to enjoy the summer with the family in this coastal area and it will also allow us to learn more about our history linked to the numerous landings that have been dated on our coast", added the mayor.

Likewise, Gómez has highlighted that "the 300 actors involved in the recreation are students from the Municipal Theater Schools who work each year to keep alive the important love for the performing arts that emanates from El Ejido."

For his part, Inocencio Gabriel Manzano explained that "this year we will move to April 1552 when a group of pirates, commanded by a character named Alí Amate, landed in Balerma and reached Dalías, where they looted the Santa María de Ambrox parish and twenty Christian men, women and children are taken hostage. They ask for 5,555 ducats and even the King of Spain, Carlos I, contributed two thousand ducats so that the people of Almería were freed, yes, fourteen years after his kidnapping”.

Juanjo Lozano has detailed that the event will begin at 8:00 p.m. and will last for 3 uninterrupted hours. After the recreation, the shows that will be offered will be performed by "Atlantis Xtrem, Kalesi, Quimbara, Garabato, Circo Zaz, Veri a soap bubble show, Irina with genesis by flyfitnes Almerimar, belly dance with the Salas sisters, the band Cristo del Amor and Nadia Violín”.

Lastly, the mayor encouraged people to "enjoy this Pirate Week, which is part of the summer cultural program that stands out for the quality of all the proposals and its free character, with the aim of complementing the offer of sun, beach and other tourist resources, as well as building loyalty among tourists who choose our coasts as a holiday destination every summer"