La Noche En Vela - July 2012

On Wednesday Poniente Golf Discount and Alcor Properties were asked to participate in an event called La Noche En Vela (a sleepless night) last night. Local businesses in Almerimar were asked to open from 10pm in the evening thoughout the town. In addition people were asked to dress in white and use candles for lighting where they could.

Jacqui took the lead for PGD and I helped her out. Sharon took the lead for Alcor Properties with help from Alan who made and served some sangria.

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La Noche En Vela - July 2012

After a long day at Friday golf it was with a little reluctance that Jacqui and I went down to the port. My inclination was to stay at home and watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics but I am glad Jacqui and I decided to go to the port.

The new junta local in Almerimar is putting in a lot of effort into arranging events and it was good to be able to do something to try to help them. It was also very good to see Luisa Barranco (the head of tourism for El Ejido) and her family doing the rounds on the night encouraging local businesses.

We had a bit of fun with both adults and children trying out putting on a mat we laid out in front of the shop. Also we served red wine and tinto de veranos to people who fancied a little bit of liquid assistance.

La Noche En Vela - July 2012

It was an enjoyable but tiring night.

You can see more photos of the putting here in the Gallery.