La Noche En Vela

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Almerimar successfully launched its first Noche En Vela (sleepless night)

The core of Almerimar had a magical night on Friday ... by candlelight. The colour
white adorned the coastal enclave and shone in the clothing of traders, waiters and even balloons that adorned several shops and other catering establishments. Candles were an essential element in this original event organised by the El Ejido Department of Commerce, Tourism and Consumer Affairs with the full cooperation of the junta local of Almerimar and the business people of the town.

On Friday, the shops did not close at nine as would be expected, but from that time began the first 'noche en vela'. Late night customers were able to gain access to special pricing, get gifts from businesses or even participate in novel activities that surprised the organisers themselves. The Councillor for Tourism, Luisa Barranco, confirmed to IDEAL that many of the options that the traders provided for Almerimar this 'noche en vela' were even a surprise to the promoters of this idea.

There was no specific route to participate in the event, so that propositions surprised the traveler in almost every corner. In Dársena 1 customers were served drinks at discounted prices up to 60%, a pizzeria was adorned with white balloons and live music was playing, mojitos were served free (original, alcohol and watermelon) and there was even an exhibition of hiphop. In Dársena 2 doughnuts were served and in
Dársena 3 music was the main event for several hours.

There was a disco scheduled,  as happened during the recent celebrations of the Virgen del Carmen, but the strong wind caused the disco to be cancelled. In contrast, music sounded in the square -  Batel, a group playing folk music with English lyrics and also local music coming in the form of a flamenco group '
Dos indios y un palomo'.

Around this square, the terraces were filled with locals and tourists enjoying a completely different evening where they were served by waiters dressed all in white. Interestingly, customers were also able in many cases to watch TVs showing the opening of the Olympic Games in London.

Night Magic

Speaking to IDEAL, the Councillor for Tourism, Luisa Barranco said the goal of this 'noche en vela' was that "both tourists and residents could walk through a magical night, where candles were lit giving Almerimar special flavour. " The councillor said that "the business people were very excited about this initiative and without them it would not have been possible." Not surprisingly, Barranco was pleased with the response of the commercial sector for all of the activities. "They have understood that, given these times,we need to do things to stimulate the economy" she said.

councillor also noted that the association of Almerimar "have had three or four years without any help" and that, through the impetus provided from local government, "we have to mobilise and now realise this can not be done alone. We have created a new junta local and now there are very good working relationships between the business people, junta local and the town hall of El Ejido. That's the most important thing, so that all can work together."

In this joint effort, Almerimar offered tourists an unusual sight last Friday. Candles in several of the windows, tables and entrances to shops; entertainment with balloon modelling; free tastings of churros,
doughnuts, mojitos, lemonade or champagne; massages and special priced drinks; live music and mini golf were some activities that made for a magical and exhausting night where nobody went to bed early in Almerimar.