Ikari Halloween 2017

I spotted this advert for a Halloween menu for the Ikari restaurant on Facebook. I contacted the phone number (golf hotel reception) and asked about whether the menu was just for one night.

The guy who answered said that this menu is available for certain on Saturday 28 October and Tuesday 31 October 2017. It might also be available on Friday 27 October although he was not sure about this. Also, he said that if there is a big enough group of people wanting it they will serve the menu on any night close to Halloween.

He said the restaurant opens at 8pm in the evening and for lunch on Sundays (probably not serving the menu at that time and also probably not on Sunday evening). The restaurant is closed on Mondays.

Noche en negro 2017

Noche en negro 2017

Noche en negro 2017

I picked up the above photos from Junta Local de Almerimar Facebook page. It looks like there might be some fun in "the square" in a weeks time.

On Tuesday I got an invite to an event to celebrate International Tourism Day. The event took place the following day (Wednesday 27 September 2017). It was a trip to the botanical garden organised by the El Ejido town hall.

Sadly, I could not make event as I had far too much to do on Wednesday and I could not rearrange things to fit this in.

I have just spotted a brief article about the event here on the Ideal site.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

I was looking around for a video of the fiesta at Dalias last week. As yet I could not find one on youtube. However I did find this video from last year.

Earlier today I received this from Gabriel at the tourist office. It is a bit of background about the fiesta week in Dalias that ends this evening. Thanks Gabriel....

This weekend is the high point of the festival of "El Cristo de la Luz" (Christ of the Light) in Dalias. It happens to be one of the biggest religious festivals in Almería province, and the oldest and most widespread traditions in the area. Every year, during the third week of September, thousands of pilgrims from all across the Poniente region will walk the way to the image of the Christ. With the end of the summer, the view of lines of people walking along the road from El Ejido to Dalias becomes part of the landscape. Each person makes the pilgrimage for different reasons (faith, tradition, sports, family,...), becoming part of the phenomenon that goes beyond town borders and celebrates heritage.

The highlights of the festival are: the pilgrimage itself, the pilgrim mass at the church, the bull of fire run , several balls at the casino (with live music, dance and fine dining) and a massive and deafening display of fireworks.

These are some videos from the internet to illustrate the description above:

Find the programme for the whole festival on the following link:$file/Programa%20Dalias%202017%20Web.pdf

Dalias Fiesta 2017

Gabriel from the tourist office has been in touch about this event in Dalias. You can see a bigger version of the picture above here on the town hall website. Plus a second photo here and a video here.

Gabriel has said he will write us something in English describing the event. I will publish that when I receive it.

From the document here the celebrations started on 9 September and finish tomorrow, Sunday 17 September 2017.

Magic night - Friday 25 August 2017

Got this flyer off the Amerimar Local Information Facebook page. Event is happening in the square behind El Asador and Cajamar bank on Darsena 3.

beach rugby

beach rugby mattches

laujar festival


los cajones

Received this from Gabriel at the tourist office yesterday. However I was out playing golf and busy last night so have only managed to publish it now. Many thanks to Gabriel for this.

"Tonight there will be a masterclass to learn how to play cajón flamenco, with 50 free cajones for people to train with during the event.

Tomorrow there will be the notorious beach rugby tournament on the beach near by Almerimar Hotel, please find enclosed advertisement and the schedule for the matches.

Next week there will be the traditional pilgrimage and gathering, advertisement enclosed.

Next Friday 18th August, there will be the 6th Vintage Car tour and meet up, starting at 20:00, dock 1.

On top of that, there is an interesting exhibition for visitors to discover the lighthouses on the coast of Almería Province through models and pictures, which will be available until the end of September."

August 2017 events

Thanks to Gabriel from the tourist office for this list of events for August 2017.

Also, he added the following information in his email:

"Just a quick note to let you know that there is an art exhibition at the tourism information office until July 30th. Everything in the exhibition has been painted by local artists."

Almerimar Events July17 Part 1

Almerimar Events July 17 Part 2

Thanks to both Gabriel from the tourist office and Christina G for sending me details of the July events in the area.

If you want your own copy of the leaflet you can call into the tourist office.