1001 Gazpachos 2016

Thanks to Gabriel for sending me this poster for the 1001 Gazpachos event that is taking place tomorrow night.

Most years I go to this event. It is really well attended but generally there are not many non-Spanish attendees.

I can really recommend that people go along and give the various flavoured drinks a try. There are normally some savoury ones, some sweet ones and occasionally even an alcoholic one.

August 2016 events

Just a reminder as it is getting close to the end of the month. Here is a list of the August 2016 activities that I published earlier in July thanks to Gabriel at the tourist office.

He gave me a copy of the 2016 magazine for the Virgen del Carmen. Inside the magazine was this list of events for August 2016.

Just a quick warning about the concerts at the castle this year. It appears that some of the concerts may be very popular and you may have to buy a ticket in advance (from the theatre in El Ejido I think). Also be careful about the start times.

For the first time in a few years Jacqui and I tried to go to a concert at the castle last night. We had a couple of problems:

- All the notices I had seen said that the concerts would start at 10:30pm. However I read on a couple of sites yesterday that the Amy Winehouse tribute band was going to start at 10pm. We ended up turning up there at around 10:15pm and stayed until around 10:30pm. The concert had not started by that time.

- The concert last night appeared to be massively oversubscribed. When we arrived they were only letting in people who had pre-purchased tickets. Also, there was loads of people hanging around outside in a disorderly queue hoping to get let in at the last minute once all the ticket holders had entered. In addition there were stacks of people who decided to walk back to their cars and drive home as they felt there was not chance they could see the concert.

It may be that this was just a one-off situation with this event being very popular. However if you want to see any of the other concerts this summer I suggest that it might be worth buying tickets in advance just in case.

August 2016 events

Thanks to Gabriel at the tourist office for giving me a copy of the 2016 magazine for the Virgen del Carmen.

Inside the magazine was this list of events for August 2016.

Virgen del Carmen 2016

Just picked up a copy of the 2016 Virgen del Carmen magazine from the tourist office. Thanks Gabriel for telling me there were some copies there.

This is an image of the front cover of the magazine I picked up off Facebook.

The magazine includes lots of interesting stuff including a listing of events for August. When I get a chance I will scan some of the information in the magazine and post it here.

Fashion show in the square - 8 July 2016

Jacqui and I had a fabulous night last night with Alan & Sharon. We started off with some drinks and tapas in Los Sabores. Had a walk around the small market behind Porto Fino. Stopped off for a drink in El Lounge and then finished off in Osteria da Ralph watching the fashion show.

You can read about the fashion show here on the Wiki Ejido site.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

Cancer race 30 July 2016

Another poster picked up off Facebook.

I believe that the 1001 gazpachos event will take place behind the beach hotel at around 21:30 after this race.

While driving around town yesterday I noticed that the posters are up for the monthly market. It will take place on the morning of Sunday 10 July 2016. I am not sure whether the location will change this time. As I seem to remember seeing somewhere that it might be on the rugby pitch this time (rather than the car park behind the old beach club).

PS Jacqui spotted that the 1001 gazpachos event is going ahead again this year. At the back end of July. We like this event so will probably be popping along to it again this year.

Friday 8 July 2016 in the square

Friday night is a busy night with lots to choose from. The image above is advertising an event in Plaza Batel. There is the themed market at the back of Porto Fino. There is also a classical music concert at the castle.

Take your pick or if you prefer just have a lazy night at home relaxing.

Concerts at the castle - summer 2016

Earlier I published a copy of a leaflet that included details of the concerts at the castle in Guardias Viejas this summer. This is the 19th year there have been summer concerts there.

The colours on the full leaflet did not show the concert details very well when I scanned it. So I have cropped the original image and altered the brightness and contrast so it is a bit easier to read the details.

There are a few events there I might be interested in attending. As long as I am able to put up with the late nights as the concerts are not scheduled to start until 22:30.