People are now starting to think about what to do on New Year´s Eve in Almerimar. We understand that there will be something happening at Gula. It is also likely that there will be something happening at Chiringuito Franc.

One think that is certain is that the FGS will not be attempting to organise an event. Anything that does happen in Almerimar is likely to be down to groups of people deciding to do their own thing.

If any restaurants wish to publicise their events for either Christmas or New Year here on the site just get in touch with the details and we will publish them.

Christina emailed us last night wth some information about upcoming events in Almerimar being organised by the Junta Local:

"The Junta Local has just informed me that on Sunday 2nd of December from 10.00 until 14.00 in the Plaza Batel (in front of McGowans) various activities will be taking place.

There will be a handcraft workshop set up to make christmas decorations, a bouncy castle for children as well as organized games and a market in aid of charity.

They will also be collecting bottle tops in aid of Juan Manuel, a 4 year old boy.

In order for the junta to  be able to make Christmas decorations for this year they are asking residents to donate all their 2 litre plastic bottles to them. These can be water or fizzy drinks bottles, the bottle tops are also needed and can be deposited with Antonio at the bar de pensionistas.

These activities on Sunday are being organized in conjunction with Voluntariado Ejidense, El Timon and Cruz Roja Española.

As soon as I get confirmation of the other activities in the pipeline I´ll let you know."

Thanks to Christina for the information.

Christina is looking for singers of various nationalities to take part in a carol concert in Almerimar closer to Christmas. She is looking for good singers who would be willing to spend a bit of time practicing singing with people of various nationalities so the town can put on a good carol concert this year.

If you would like to take part, either singing solo in your own language or in a group please get in touch and we will put you in contact with Christina.

This is one of a number of events the junta local for Almerimar is looking to organise for the coming Christmas.


We have been told that the junta local in Almerimar is likely to be organising a number of events to celebrate Christmas this year. Jacqui was told this by Christina who popped into the PGD golf shop yesterday afternoon.

We hope to be able to bring you further details of the events soon.

I have just had another email from Club Municipal del Espectador (CME) from the El Ejido town hall saying about all the events going on in November and December 2012. Including 4 concerts in Sala B of the Auditorio in El Ejido that are only 5 euros a person to attend and a night of bolero music.

You can see the calendar of events here on the town hall website.


Chiringuito Franc, almerimar

We had a fantastic dinner at Chiringuito Franc last night after the Woodsly Cup. I think it was great value for the 30 euros a head that the society paid for the meal including drinks.

While we were there we were asked to announce that they are having a Magic night on Saturday 17 November 2012. The price is 25 euros a person and there will be a magician performing in the restaurant during the evening. You can find out more details and book a table at Chiringuito Franc.

Today I  received a message on Facebook from the Junta Local in Almerimar. Sounds like fun.

Here is a Google translation of the text of the message:

Come experience a night of fear in the tunnel of terror, dare you enter? the bogeyman, ghosts, bloody swamp, will be a night you will not forget ever. Wednesday 31 October at 20.30 batel square.

The ayuntamiento has published details of the cultural events for autumn 2012. You can see details here on the council website and download a PDF file with all the details if you wish.

Rhythmic gynastics

There are articles here on El Ejido Actualidad and here on Portal Ejido about this course that starts next week.

It just made me think how funny it would be to see some of the older people in our community trying to do a routine.

The event will be taking place close to the church from 6pm until 10pm tomorrow.

The article here on the Portal Ejido site has more details (in Spanish). The article mentions the arts and sports, theatre plus laughter therapy. Sounds interesting.

Old cars in Almerimar

The article here on the Portal Ejido site has details of the exhibition of old cars that took place in Almerimar last weekend.

My guess is that some of the people in town remember some of these cars when they were first manufactured.

According to the article here on the Ideal site all these extra events in Almerimar for the summer this year have led to takings increasing by 5-10% in July and around 30% for August compared with last year.

The article also says that plans are being put in place to try to have some events to keep businesses in town thriving during the quieter times of year.