Almerimar Blue Week - July 2018

I spotted this recently on the IMD El Ejido Facebook page. The list of summer events has started.....

Theatre Festival Booklet 2018

Been a bit busy the last few days so have only just got around to publishing this.

Last Friday there were a load of booklets for the 2018 El Ejido Theatre Festival available for people to pick up in the golf clubhouse. I guess that they will also be available in the tourist office.

There are a lot of events taking place starting 3 days ago (18 May) and finishing on 16 June 2018.

You can see more details here on the town hall website.

Fire near beach - 16 May 18S

Thanks to one of our readers, Gary S for this photo.

Yesterday we were playing golf late in the morning and early in the afternoon. As we were playing the 13th hole we heard the sound of fire engines coming down the road into Almerimar. I guess this must have been at around 2pm.

The next hole took us up to where you can go under the bridge to the Classic (Master 3) course. When we got to the green of the 14th we saw a lot of smoke in the distance. As we were teeing off on the 15th the smoke was dying down. So I guess that the firemen had done their job by then.

I was a bit busy last night so did not check my email until late. When I did I spotted that I had received the photo above from one of our readers. It looks like the fire was in the shrubs and plants not far from where they have built the petanque (petanca, boule) pistes. Not far from La Tita Cocina and Michelangelo.

UPDATED 11:45 - 17 May 18: You can see a video of the fire here on the El Ejido Digital page on Facebook.




Race For Women - 13 May 2018

I got this poster from Facebook. As you can see there is a ladies race taking place this coming Sunday (13 May 2018). Along the promenade close to the beach hotel.


This looks like a good gig in El Ejido. There are shows from 25 to 27 May 2018. You can book here on the uniticket site.

San Marcos 2018

A bit late to advertise this. However there are some events taking place today and tomorrow. You can see details here.

Read More for Google translation of details of events today and tomorrow.





Thanks to Alfredo from the tourist office for this information about Easter 2018. He has also picked out some highlights:

"A selection of the most attractive ones for tourists and foreign residents might be:

- Thursday 29th March, 19:00 (Balerma): Our Father Jesus Nazarene and Our Lady of Sorrows procession (with meeting)
- Thursday 29th March, 23:00 (Santo Domingo): Most holy Christ of Love Penance Procession and Stations of the Cross procession (silent procession)
- Friday 30th March, 20:30 (Santa María del Águila): Most Holy Christ of Peace and Our Lady of Sorrows procession (with meeting)
- Friday 30th March, 19:30 (El Ejido): Procession of penance (with meeting by the Auditorium roundabout, along with military escort by the Spanish Legion)"

The Sol Times site has details of the Il Divo concert in Almería later this year. You can see details here.

Tickets start at 50 euros each and go on sale on Tuesday 27 February 2018.

I think I know at least one person who will be trying to get tickets.

Plastic Festival 2018

Just picked up information about this event in El Ejido via the town hall website. Looks like there is an afternoon and night of Spanish Indie music taking place on Saturday 21 April 2018. Around the time of the San Marcos fiesta.

You can see more information about the event and buy tickets for it here.

According to the article here on the Olive Press site there should be a Super Blue Blood Moon visible tonight.

It sounds like at some point the moon will be big and red. Lets hope there are not too many clouds around.

Almerimar Tapas Route 2018

Looks like there are 9 bars taking part in the 2018 tapas route competition.From Friday 2 February to Sunday 11 February. Perhaps a good reason for a tapas based pub crawl or two next week?

I picked up this photo from the Junta Local Facebook page.