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los cajones

Received this from Gabriel at the tourist office yesterday. However I was out playing golf and busy last night so have only managed to publish it now. Many thanks to Gabriel for this.

"Tonight there will be a masterclass to learn how to play cajón flamenco, with 50 free cajones for people to train with during the event.

Tomorrow there will be the notorious beach rugby tournament on the beach near by Almerimar Hotel, please find enclosed advertisement and the schedule for the matches.

Next week there will be the traditional pilgrimage and gathering, advertisement enclosed.

Next Friday 18th August, there will be the 6th Vintage Car tour and meet up, starting at 20:00, dock 1.

On top of that, there is an interesting exhibition for visitors to discover the lighthouses on the coast of Almería Province through models and pictures, which will be available until the end of September."

August 2017 events

Thanks to Gabriel from the tourist office for this list of events for August 2017.

Also, he added the following information in his email:

"Just a quick note to let you know that there is an art exhibition at the tourism information office until July 30th. Everything in the exhibition has been painted by local artists."

Almerimar Events July17 Part 1

Almerimar Events July 17 Part 2

Thanks to both Gabriel from the tourist office and Christina G for sending me details of the July events in the area.

If you want your own copy of the leaflet you can call into the tourist office.

Thanks to Alan Sl for passing on this video to me. It is of the statue leaving the church in El Ejido as part of the recent fiesta of San Isidro.

Summer Concerts Castle 2017

Summer Concerts Castle 2017

Thanks to Gabriel from the tourist office for providing me with a copy of the information about summer concerts at the castle in 2017 (click on the image then click again to see a bigger version). He also provided some advice about booking early.....

"Find enclosed the brochure for the concerts in Guardias Viejas Castle and other cultural activities for the summer. It is also available at the Tourist Information Office for anybody interested in having a copy.

Regarding the concerts, given the high demand of some concerts last year it might be a good idea to follow the old saying: early bird catches the worm. What I would advice your readers is to have a look at the list, decide what concerts they want to go to and then buy the tickets for them all at the same time from the Auditorio in El Ejido. There is a number of tickets reserved to be sold on spot the night of the concert and the staff from Área de Cultura do their best to find room for everybody, but please note that the castle has a limited capacity."

San Isidro 2017

San Isidro 2017

Thanks to Gabriel at the tourist office in Almerimar for sending me copies of the posters above advertising San Isidro 2017.

Gabriel has said he will provide me with other material to publish including the list of concerts at the castle and other summer events when he can get his hands on the information.

Fireworks - summer 2017

Here is a copy of the poster I spotted yesterday. As you can see the fireworks displays are Friday 29 June to Sunday 1 July. Starting at 11pm each night.

I believe that the location is the area over the road from where the weekly market is held in El Ejido.

As I was driving back into Almerimar yesterday I spotted a poster for the 2017 fireworks displays in El Ejido. I think it said they are starting on the night of 29 June 2017 and will take place each night for a few nights.

The video above is lifted from youtube. It is of one of the fireworks shows last year.

I will publish more details here about the dates and times of the shows once I have the information.