San Juan 2016

As promised I have been poking around on the internet and found a photo of San Juan 2016. I have cropped the photo so the focus is on the fires rather than the people in the photo.

Almerimar Events 2016

Thanks to Christina G for sending me a copy of the attached leaflet about events in Almerimar in July 2016.

Hope everyone has a happy San Juan.

Jacqui and I have not been sleeping well recently so we have decided to have a quiet early night tonight. So we will not be out and about taking photos this year.

I will try to pick up some photos of the night from Facebook or elsewhere on the internet at some point and publish them here when I get a chance.

I have been looking around on Facebook and elsewhere for lists of activities being arranged for this summer. I guess the details will come out soon.

I will publish the information here as soon as I have it.

Just spotted signs for the monthly Sunday market. This coming Sunday - 12 June 2016.

I guess it is same place and time. In the car park behind the old beach club in the morning.

I was driving around town this morning and I noticed that the signs are up for the Sunday market. 8 May 2016. I guess it is the same time and place. In the morning in the car park behind the old beach club.

One other thing is that it was drizzling when I was driving. I did not order that type of weather.

The article here on the town hall website has some details and a video of the recent San Marcos celebrations in El Ejido.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.

While driving around this morning I noticed signs for a Cervantes market in Almerimar on 24-27 March 2016. Also, there were barriers starting to be put in place behind Porto Fino. So I guess this is where it is going to happen.

I did not get a chance to check out the times.