Today I  received a message on Facebook from the Junta Local in Almerimar. Sounds like fun.

Here is a Google translation of the text of the message:

Come experience a night of fear in the tunnel of terror, dare you enter? the bogeyman, ghosts, bloody swamp, will be a night you will not forget ever. Wednesday 31 October at 20.30 batel square.

The ayuntamiento has published details of the cultural events for autumn 2012. You can see details here on the council website and download a PDF file with all the details if you wish.

Rhythmic gynastics

There are articles here on El Ejido Actualidad and here on Portal Ejido about this course that starts next week.

It just made me think how funny it would be to see some of the older people in our community trying to do a routine.

The event will be taking place close to the church from 6pm until 10pm tomorrow.

The article here on the Portal Ejido site has more details (in Spanish). The article mentions the arts and sports, theatre plus laughter therapy. Sounds interesting.

Old cars in Almerimar

The article here on the Portal Ejido site has details of the exhibition of old cars that took place in Almerimar last weekend.

My guess is that some of the people in town remember some of these cars when they were first manufactured.

According to the article here on the Ideal site all these extra events in Almerimar for the summer this year have led to takings increasing by 5-10% in July and around 30% for August compared with last year.

The article also says that plans are being put in place to try to have some events to keep businesses in town thriving during the quieter times of year.

Almerimar beach rugby

According to the article here on Portal Ejido there were 18 teams taking part in the event last weekend, 12 male and 6 female. They came from different parts of the country such as of Almería, Seville, Granada, Malaga, Murcia, Madrid, Santander, Puertollano and Guadalajara.

Bike race in Almerimar - 18 August 2012

Nice to see that Sylvia has got her broadband back up and running. She posted the following comment on Facebook about the cycling race leaving Almerimar this morning....

"When walking dog this morning I went via the hotel to see if I could see the start of cycle race. There was no one about but on the way home I noticed activity at the new hotel. The race started about 9.0am & there seemed quite a few cyclists. I didn´t envy them as it was very hot & humid with no wind."

So it looks like they decided to start the race near the golf hotel rather than the AR Almerimar hotel as mentioned in the article in the paper earlier in the week. Also, 30 minutes later than anticpated.

By the way, Sylvia told me on Friday that the hotel that is open at the  moment (AR Almerimar hotel) used to be called the beach hotel years ago. I didn´t know that until now.

Just spotted on the Portal Ejido site that band called The Butterflies House will be playing  Spanish, English and French pop-rock at the castle in Guardias Viejas tonight. Starting at 10:30pm

Looks like it might be fun.

August 12 events in Almerimar

If you click on the photo above (then click on the image that appears in a separate window to enlarge it) you should be able to see details of the events for the rest of August in Almerimar.

Events Aug 2012

The good news is that there is now a calendar of events published for the things taking place in Almerimar this month. The image above is from the window of Pizza Guzzi so I am pretty sure the list will be around elsewhere in town.

The bad news is that the photo did not come out very clearly on my phone. I will have another go with a better camera later today all being well. That way people will be able to see the list of events.