I spotted the information about a possible partnership agreement between Almería & Miami somewhere on the internet a few days ago. Searching again for the information I fould the information here on the Andalucía Unica site.

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Almería and Miami study future commercial and tourist agreements

The Diputación de Almería and the city of Miami have met to study possible commercial and tourist agreements in the future, with the aim of boosting the economy of both territories. The meeting took place during the visit to the Provincial Palace of the First Lady of the City of Miami, Ana Cristina Corredeaguas.

In a statement, the council has explained that the president, Gabriel Amat, and the vice president, Javier Aureliano García, have been responsible for receiving Corredeaguas, who has visited the city in the framework of a commercial mission.

During the meeting, the US leader showed his interest in the agricultural potential of the province and the possibilities offered by the province at a tourist level. Javier Aureliano García explained that "we have the only virgin beaches in the Mediterranean arc and we are the only territory in Europe where you can enjoy all four seasons in a single day, the beach and the snow are only an hour away".

Ana Cristina Corredeaguas has been surprised by how Almeria is a world reference in crops under plastic. The president of the Provincial Council, Gabriel Amat, has declared that "we have a forest under these plastics and zero waste, Almeria's crops are the main economic pillar of the province and are, above all, environmentally sustainable", and has put as a model to follow that of the extraction of natural stone.

Corredeaguas has been interested in establishing commercial and tourist ties and agreements with the province, because "we are complementary territories." Almeria has many aspects that interest Miami and Miami also offers great possibilities for Almerian companies to invest there. In addition, he recalled that Cosentino has located its base in the US in this city of the state of Florida.

This meeting intends to be the germ of a future agreement that allows to boost investment in the province of Almeria and in Miami, since "the idea is to create a bond to be able to make exchanges that allow our economy to continue growing".

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