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The Fiestas in honor of San Isidro consolidate this year the new Fair model promoted by the City Council of El Ejido

The mayor recalled "the commitment made by the government team to reinvent this celebration, increasing the quality and infrastructure, as well as modernizing and ordering the fairground that today looks like a more attractive, accessible and safe space"

The program, from June 27 to July 1, includes Battle of Flowers, concert of the Conservatory Symphony Orchestra, Pyrotechnics Festival, International Human Statues Competition, Local Dance Groups, concerts of Celtas Cortos and Social Security , in addition to religious acts

An extraordinary security service has been established that will have a reinforcement of 60 agents, volunteers of Civil Protection and support of the National Police, in addition to the installation of barriers to control access to traffic to the site

The special cleaning device includes more personnel, machinery and the installation of equipment, 25 containers and bins

The Patron Saint Festivities in honor of San Isidro Labrador, Patron of El Ejido, together with Divina Infantita, consolidate in 2018 the Fair model for which the government team bet a few years ago, based on a totally renewed, modern and of quality, according to the development and growth of the city.

The mayor of El Ejido, Francisco Góngora; the mayor of Culture, Julia Ibáñez, the Councilor for Public Works, Maintenance and Services, José Andrés Cano; and the director of the Local Police, Marco Muñoz; have presented this morning the schedule of events, the special cleaning and security device that will take place from Wednesday 27 June to Sunday 1 July.

Góngora wanted to thank all the municipal areas for the "work they do before, during and after the festivities, as well as the Brotherhood and the Parish of San Isidro and, of course, the private initiative and entrepreneurs who have supported in these years the design of this festivity ". A bet "made by the City Council to reinvent parties that had hit bottom, increasing quality, infrastructure and modernizing and ordering the fairground that today looks like a more attractive, accessible and safe space."

Since 2014, improvements have been incorporated such as the transformation, paving and embellishment of the Avenida Arquitecto Pérez Arenaza; the installation of a concrete floor area of ​​27 m² for the Andalusian huts that have helped to recover the traditional essence and homogenize the image of the Fair; the placement of a pergola that provides shade and a great showiness; the reordering of the attractions area to make it more walkable, spacious and safe; the integration of the Municipal Park as a concert space, going on to have a fairground of just over 70,000 m².

All of this, as Góngora has indicated, "has allowed this year to consolidate the structural changes incorporated that make the Fair gain in comfort, functionality, accessibility and energy efficiency".

The site has an occupation of almost one hundred percent with 35 attractions and a fortnight of food stalls, in addition to jewelery, 7 booths, of which 5 will be Andalusian and 2 youth. These are Candela, Maracas de Caña and Adobo, Arroz Pá 4, La Bodega del Jamón, Clandestino and La Fábrica, Náutico y Guarapo 40.

A parking for 100 vehicles and another one for caravans will be enabled for the fairgrounds, the adapted toilets will be increased and new traffic control barriers will be placed to increase the safety of the whole area.

In the same way, San Isidro will be efficient, since approximately 325,000 LED points of low consumption will be placed, highlighting the Portico de Feria and the lighting of Paseo de Las Lomas with a totally exclusive design that incorporates the city's coat of arms. with more than 42,000 points of light. A second portico will be at the entrance on the Avenida Arquitecto Pérez de Arenaza, to which the umbrella of lights that has been installed in the Park and the 100 arches distributed along the main streets of the municipality are added.


This edition has a wide cultural and religious program that will start on Wednesday June 27 with the opening of the fairground, the celebration of Children's Day and the traditional Battle of Flowers in which 2,500 carnations will be distributed and with the increase in number of floats until reaching 10 with children's motives, 4 parades and a great batucada.

That same afternoon will proceed to the official lighting of extraordinary lighting, the distribution of 2,000 programs of Fiestas and 2,000 fans, coronation of the Queen, Miss Ejido and Ladies of Honor, as well as reading the proclamation by D. Tomás Reche, as explained by the mayor is "a historical teacher of several generations of ejionados, a good person, endearing, loved and respected. With the election of the town crier, homage is paid to all the great teachers and teachers that the municipality has had. "

The day will end with the performance of the Symphony Orchestra of the Professional Conservatory of Music of El Ejido with the concert 'Anthology of Spanish pop', with more than 110 musicians on stage under the direction of Luis Rubio Vera.

One of the novelties of the program will be the 1st International Human Statues Contest to be held in the Park on the 29th and 30th and that the companies participating in the XXII Pyrotechnics Festival will be the three winners of the last editions, which will burn an average of 200 kilos of gunpowder.

Ibáñez remarked that "there will be varied proposals adapted to all audiences and ages in which the participation of the ejienes themselves will also prevail since, for example, we are going to have, on Thursday night, exhibitions and group performances of local dance ".

The free concerts in the Municipal Park will be other of the strong dishes with 'Positive Energy' of Celtas Cortos on Thursday night and 'The Crossroads Tour' of Social Security on Saturday. "They are two musical shows of great level and that are going to reunite to several generations of ejidenses that know perfectly their great successes and subjects", has indicated the aedile.

For the second year, and after the success of last year, the Horse Ride will be celebrated with the participation of some 100 horses with their riders and amazons.

Security device

For his part, the director of Citizen Protection, Marco Muñoz, has detailed the important security device that will have an increase of 60 agents, along with Civil Protection volunteers and the support of the National Police.

The reinforcement will concentrate on the activities of greater public affluence, such as concerts, the Battle of Flowers or the procession, and there will be a permanent police presence that will intensify during the peak hours of the Midday and Night Fair to avoid possible altercations .

The entrances to the Exhibition Center will be controlled with containment barriers that will prevent the passage of vehicles to this site through the adjacent streets and two emergency entrances and exits will be established.

Muñoz has pointed out that "this special fair service does not affect the rest of the ordinary services nor that of beaches". In addition, he has asked for "responsibility to neighbors and visitors in the consumption of alcohol and in the use of fair attractions to avoid accidents or problems."

Bus Service

The City Council wants the holidays to be days of conviviality and joy and that the ejienes enjoy a few days of healthy leisure, combining fun with safety. For this, it will enable a Fair bus service departing from Balerma, Almerimar and San Agustín, at 1:00 p.m., to facilitate the participation of the neighbors of the different nuclei in the Feria del Mediodía and with return, 7:00 p.m. late from the bus station. For the Night fair the departure will be at 22.00 with return at five in the morning.

Cleaning device

The success of a fair also goes through a good and planned cleaning service with a special device that includes reinforcement in personnel, machinery and installation, in the days before fairs, equipment, 25 containers and bins.

A suction sweeper assigned to the exhibition center will be used, an 8,000-liter tank for daily flushing and 2 crews for 8 workers in shifts.

Councilman José Andrés Cano has detailed that there will be manual and mechanical cleaning after the Battle of the Flowers with 2 sweepers and four pawns with blower and manual sweep of support; after the concerts in the Municipal Park; after the pyrotechnics shows in the Periurbano Park in the Cañada de Ugijar and during the Horse Ride with permanent mechanical sweeper and specific washdown disinfectant.

"It is an important reinforcement with which we want the fair to look clean and that on day 2, despite being a holiday, the city returns to normal after the end of the fair," explained Cano Peinado.


New technologies and social networks will once again be present, one more year, through the APP Find out that you will have updated information on schedules, activities, concerts and public transport, available for Iphone and Android.

Similarly, for the second year a campaign on social networks is launched with the hashtag #SanIsidroNuestraFeria, which invites the ejionados and visitors to share, through their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profiles, the most special moments, emotional or funny that happen throughout the five days of celebration.