Ikea Almeria - 5 September 2018

The photo above is from the La Voz de Almería site. It shows work taking place on the area in Almería where the new Ikea is to be built. The article here has more details.

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Second phase to urbanize the land of the future IKEA

In a few days the construction of roads, green areas and parking starts

The urbanization of the plot of the northern crown of the Rambla where the future IKEA of Almeria will be installed is about to begin its second and final phase, which will leave the ground ready to raise the commercial surface.

After the excavation of the land that has been developed during the last year (by the UTE Albaida Infraestructuras and Talleres y Grúas González), the Board of Directors of the municipal company Almería XXI approved yesterday the award of the new phase of the works to the company Nila, for an amount of 2.3 million euros and with a term of execution of ten months that will begin to run in a few days, as soon as the contract is signed.

With this horizon, at the beginning of next summer will be the canalizations, roads, green areas (50,000 square meters) and outdoor parking spaces (about 500) totally ready. In addition, as noted by the councilor of Urbanism and CEO of Almeria XXI, Miguel Angel Castellón, in this second phase will also build the access road from the roundabout of the Ballesol to the plot.

Works of the shopping center

While these works are being developed, the Swedish furniture multinational will be able to start in parallel to lift the commercial facilities, a step that could start before the end of this year.

The total investment that will be made in the urbanization of the land (between both phases) is three million euros, which are borne by the promoter of the plot, the investment group Carrida. For its part, IKEA will invest about 65 million to build the building that will house the store.

The one of Almería will be the fourth establishment of the multinational IKEA in Andalusia along with those of Málaga, Jerez and Seville. The store that is going to start up is the one chosen for the development of the most innovative store concept that the Swedish company has made up to now. The intention is that this store is "the IKEA store of the future".

The establishment will have a built area of ​​more than 22,000 square meters and, in addition to surface parking, the Swedish label will enable another underground for this commercial offer of furniture and decoration that will mean a 'revolution' in the Almeria commercial landscape.

Source of employment

In addition, it should be noted that there are 800 jobs that are planned once the store starts, of which direct can reach three hundred.

The significance of the decision of the Swedish firm to settle in Almeria is undeniable as a revulsive for the commercial activity of the city. The multinational currently has 18 establishments opened in the Iberian Peninsula.