The final decision on where will be crowned the gastronomic capital of Spain will be made on 17 October 2018. However the article here on the La Voz de Almería site suggests that Almería has won.

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Almería is left alone in the race for the Gastronomic Capital

The organization has ruled out the other rival for submitting an incomplete dossier

The achievement of the Gastronomic Capital 2019 seems that finally it will be a thing of a single city. This was announced by the organization of the event through a statement in which it explains that the Technical Committee, after reviewing the dossiers of the two cities, has ruled out one of them because required documents are missing, such as "the certification of the agreement adopted by the Plenary of support to the project, and the commitment that the City Council must approve in the 2019 budget of a game to execute the program of activities ".

Well, says the same statement that the decision has been made known to the city and that those responsible have accepted it well. No one has received any call at the City Hall of Almeria, as explained by municipal sources, so we can assume that the candidacy of the capital is left alone in the race to become the city of gastronomy.

Despite this, and with the necessary caution, we will have to wait until October 17 to ratify the achievement of this badge, but it seems that the party can be prepared.