One of our readers Chris G has asked us to post this about an almost new mobility scooter for sale.....

"We got back last week from a trip to the USA and whilst there my small fold-up mobility scooter had a malfunction - just prior to getting on the Queen Mary to return to the UK!!  So only solution my husband could come up with was to purchase another one to get me back to Spain!!  So now we have a really lovely- virtually new fold up mobility scooter for sale - as l do not need 2 of them.  If anyone is interested in buying one that has only been used for one week could they contact us please. 

It is white, a folding Go-Go Quest with 4 wheels, has fixed lights front and rear and can do approx 10km on the level...speed 6km and folds up in 3 simple steps to go into the back of a car [think suitcase size and shape].  Can show people that the price on line here in Spain is 2,444.00 Euros but we are happy to sell for just 1,600 euro which is close to a saving of 1,000 euro on a new one."

If you are interested in purchasing the mobility scooter please get in touch and I will put you in contact with the seller.