Today I am thinking a lot about our past times in Almerimar.

Sadly, earlier this week, one of the 6 people who are the reason that Jacqui and I are living in Almerimar passed away. Doug's wife Marjorie is no longer with us.

Doug & Marjorie, Idris & Shirley and Joan & Peter welcomed us into the golfing world at Almerimar in the late 90s or early 2000s. We were staying at the golf hotel for a golfing holiday. At that time we were looking around Spain and Portugal with the idea of eventually buying a holiday home.

We spotted that there was an official competition due to take place. It was a competition organised by Bahía San Miguel. At that time Doug was on the committee of Bahía San Miguel.

We were told we could take part for fun but could not win a main prize as we did not have an official Spanish handicap.

There was a big meal in a marquee on the lawn of the golf hotel after the competition. We wandered in to the marquee knowing nobody apart from the people we had played with earlier. Doug & Marjorie, Peter & Joan and Idris & Shirley invited us to sit with them at their table.

Straight away we found that the people here had an attitude unlike anywhere else we had played golf. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. The friendliness shown to us then was the reason we have ended up living here.

This is my way of offering my condolences to Doug and his family at this sad time.