Early this morning the Ideal site published the article here about the Ikea shop that I think was originally supposed to open in Almería in 2019.

It seems to cast doubt on whether this building will go ahead. As Ikea has yet to apply for a building licence. Also, it suggests that if the building work does take place it is likely to be a smaller style shop opening in 2020.

One other interesting point in the article is that there is now an Ikea pick-up point in Viator, close to Almería. So you can purchase things online and collect them from Viator. Rather than go to Murcia or Málaga to collect things. Or, of course, you can have your online purchases delivered to your home.

Read More for a Google translation of the article.


The Ikea of ​​Almería, the only one that continues, at the moment, in progress in Spain

Almería may be the exception. Ikea has turned around its expansion strategy and has not planned to open large stores in Spain. To give several examples, several projects that took years of planning such as Tarragona or Alicante have been held back. And it is not expected to open new stores in Girona or Vigo, have published various media specialized in economics and markets. In fact, it is a widespread trend in Europe: betting on other business models. In recent months, Ikea has opened delivery points in various cities of the country for its buyers 'online'. In Almería there is one in Viator. In addition, it has added to its strategy the location in conventional shopping centers of what has been called as Ikea Diseña, small stands in which an Ikea specialist advises potential buyers on decoration and orders at home or pick up at various points of the distant geography of an Ikea trade to use. For example, it has opened these points in Burgos, Badajoz, Vigo or Benidorm (Alicante).

For Almería, the multinational maintains -for the moment- a project with a smaller store model. The objective: to open in the year 2020. Almeria XXI is already advancing in the urbanization of the plot. But the Swedish furniture multinational still has to ask for a building permit.