On last Tuesday night Jacqui and I went the Italian in the square for a bite to eat. As you can see I was very lucky as Tuesday nights is now their build your own burger night. For 12 euros you get your custom made burger plus a drink.

You get to choose between a burger bun or a pizza base. Then you choose between two types of meat (beef or crunchy chicken) burgers, two types of fish (hake or prawn) burgers and two types of vegetarian (quinoa or courgette) burger. Then choose what toppings you want (bacon, egg, tomato, lettuce, cucumber and cheddar cheese). Then choose what sauce you want (ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard or bbq). Finally choose your side dish (thin cut fried potatoes - a bit like home made crisps, chicken wings, onion rings, chicken nuggets or potato croquettes).

I chose a burger bun, crispy chicken, tomato, lettuce and cheese served with the thin cut fried potatoes.

I think I might be spending a few Tuesday nights there in the future. Trying out other combinations.