Years ago on the old version of this website I wrote a long detailed article about the way you get an ITV (MOT) done on your car. This information got lost when the site was hacked in around 2012.

I got our car done today. So here is a summary of the process.

Read More for details.

 Note that you do not need an ITV for the first 4 years. From the 4th year to the 10th year you need to renew the ITV every 2 years. After 10 years you need an ITV every year.

The first thing to do is book an appointment in advance. You can do this here.

The nearest ITV (MOT) site to us is just off the motorway at Balanegra. To get there join the motorway at the El Ejido junction and head towards Málaga. Just before the turn-off for Balanegra you will see a sign on the side of the motorway saying ITV. Take the turn off, cross the motorway using the bridge then take the road down to the ITV station.

On arrival at the office for the site there are 3 screens where you can schedule paying for your ITV. You have to enter the registration number of your car into one of the screens. It will then print you out a little ticket.

You have then joined the queue to pay for your ITV.

There is a screen above the desk where you pay. Eventually your registration number is displayed on the screen above the desk. Saying which till number to go to (1 or 2).

You need to have two documents to show that the car is registered correctly with the authorities. Plus they say that you have to have proof that your insurance is up to date. The current cost is 30.28 euros. You then pay your money.

The person behind the desk gives you back your documentation plus a sheet of paper for the test.

At that point you join the queue of people waiting for the ITV to take place.

In my case the appointments were running about 10 minutes late. Eventually the registration number of your car flashes up on a screen in the office. It then says which lane of the ITV process you should join (there are several). At that point you drive your car to the side of the site closest to the motorway. Then join the queue of cars for the lane specified. Be careful as sometimes they then ask you to move to another lane.

If you are lucky there are no cars in front of you in your lane when you get there. Once you are at the front of the queue the person doing the test calls you forward. You have to give him the paperwork you received at the desk.

The fun thing about the ITV is that you have to participate in the process. You are expected to drive the car through each stage of the test. Plus you are expected to do things like turning the car on and off, braking, accelerating, switching the lights on, indicating etc. With the guy telling you what to do in Spanish.

Today I was very lucky as I happened to get a guy who wanted to practice his English. So I explained the words to him in English as well as him telling me in Spanish.

Once you reach the far end of the ITV warehouse you are asked to park outside. Then wait for your documentation.

If you have passed you get a piece of paper to keep in the car. Plus a sticker to put in the window of your car. This has the numbers 1-12 on it and a year. There is a little hole though whichever month your next ITV is due.

BE WARNED - you do not have until the end of that month to get your ITV done next time. For example, my car was done today, 27 June 2019. So my next ITV has to be done before 27 June 2021, not 30 June 2021. If I have not had the next ITV done by 27 June 2021 and I get stopped by the police on 28 June 2021 they have the right to fine me. For not having a valid ITV.

You can see even more information about the ITV in the article here.